Monday, June 6, 2011

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wal mart logo. Wal-Mart Wages Rollback!
  • Wal-Mart Wages Rollback!

  • iJohnHenry
    Nov 9, 07:15 AM
    Mmmm, maybe they can convert liver cells, which renew themselves, to kidney cells. ;)

    Hey, arn, what do you think about that possibility??

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  • lilvanmuzz
    Jul 10, 06:15 PM
    if you are going to be me...7/11..

    im going Around 10pm.

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  • EddyP
    Mar 26, 10:24 PM
    I have no sympathy for who bought that.

    And I think the seller deserves a swift kick in the nuts for being a douche.

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  • illy123
    Dec 8, 09:31 AM

    ChristMAC Icons:

    Santa Mail:

    Bowtie-Christmas (used for iTunes):

    WP (don't know original source):

    How it turned out: (

    Uploaded with (

    One more question; how did you get the calendar on the wallpaper? PS? Thanks again :)


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  • Designer Dale
    Apr 14, 01:44 PM
    I found a few. I don't believe someone could come up blank with a Google search.


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  • XnavxeMiyyep
    Jul 6, 07:08 PM
    Macs are designed to have Dual Processors, and OS X is designed to take advantage of that. Panther will definitely take advantage of the second processor, as will various applications.


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  • mad jew
    Dec 23, 01:32 AM
    Ooohhh, interesting. Can we have it in red? :cool:

    Or at least something a little more dour?

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  • iApples
    May 7, 02:22 AM
    This video is hilarious!

    Check it out and leave your thoughts.


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  • twoodcc
    Feb 14, 08:42 PM
    Is there a place where everyone has their rig specs? I'd like to know what rwh202 has. Averaging 119k+ PPD a day :eek:

    Going to sell my now-useless-to-me Quad G5 and possibly get a i7 970 6 core as they just dropped in price and possibly another GPU and sell off my 950 and 920.

    Woah.... $600 is kinda tempting...:o

    wow that is tempting! i'm tellin ya, if you can afford it, gotta get that EVGA SR-2!

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Mar 30, 02:13 PM
    mmmm doesn't like streaming from

    new frame twice a second but sound is ok. Vid card is radeon 9000 with 64mb.

    Is that the issue or the paltry 512mb ram?

    My guess is RAM is your biggest issue. I run 1GB in the system in my sig, and while that is adequate in OSX Tiger you're best off maxing the memory.
    As for video cards, the Radeon 9000 is probably OK if you're not gaming, but if you are or if you want to take advantage of Core Image functionas then you need something better from this list (

    The Radeon 9800 Pro is the default choice for this machine based on performance, availability and cost. If you can find one of the rare OEM Radeon 9700 Pros you'll get a small performance boost. Plus, there are plenty of PC cards out there you can flash (I am running a GeForce 6800GT in my Digital Audio G4). Good luck.

    I don't know if this has been mentioned before, or if you're already aware, but G4s can't really handle HD video playback, no matter how many upgrades you install. 480p is fine obviously, but even the fastest G4s fail to deal with 720p video. The G4 CPU simply doesn't have the oomph. Just something to consider.


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  • ranviper
    Feb 15, 12:19 PM
    Amazing set of icons! Could you tell me where to get them?:)

    Litho System indeed.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 4, 10:30 AM
    I hate AT&T with a passion. Yet, I'd never switch to Verizon because I'm hooked on 3Mbps + speeds. They're the crack of carriers.

    Switching is probably useless, as Verizon most likely will do the same.

    Why leave money on the table?

    I agree with the poster about ATT always charging something extra here and there and they know they get away with it as you can never reach anybody to straighten this out or most people won't check a 75 plus page phone bill.

    They do @$#@$%#%$#

    I am also looking into Boost or other pay as you go services for phone calls.

    Need more wifi in places and we can get away with an ipod or ipad.

    Let's just say lots of us will check how to get unf#$#$


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  • joepunk
    Feb 18, 12:31 AM
    So there is/was a massive Solar Flare ( hitting us recently and at my parents house the lights started flickering around 6pm tonight (thursday, 02.17). Just now thought that that could have been because of this recent solar flare affecting the powergrid.

    cool vids from NASA (

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  • kavika411
    Mar 17, 07:50 PM
    [Bunches of "research"]
    There goes CorvusCamenarum, messing up a perfectly good party with so-called "research."

    Don't you understand? We only look into original sources if the OP is anti-Democrat.



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  • dosers
    Jul 26, 09:21 PM
    there is a shipping Blu-Ray Drive from Sony right now (in reality, it's in the Vaio, the retail version, while out in SKU, ships the 1st week of August), which has a standard 5.25 form-factor and is below $1000.

    Apple COULD make use of that if Sony ships in quantity, and to other manufacturers early on...

    Uh, genius, Apple doesn't make Blu-ray. Apple has to wait for Sony & Co to release Blu-ray drives, which we all knew would be in late 2006.

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  • steve2112
    Jan 13, 07:14 PM
    Two points:

    1. I agree about the electrics, to an extent. Years ago, my old man bought an '88 Jetta, and it had two main problems - the electrical systems were horrible, and the body was not properly galvanized. It rusted before our eyes (hole in the floor after just 5 years) and most of the major electrical subsystems needed replacement within 5 years. However, it's worth noting that the Mexican-built VWs and the German-made VWs are quite different in quality. I may be wrong, but I believe that US-market GTIs are still made in Germany, and are the most reliable of the bunch. Several other VW-owning friends of mine have experienced a couple electrical gremlins here or there, but in terms of quality I'd still put VW's cars over the American Big Three for the most part. The interiors especially were superior.

    2. Funny that you point out FIAT as a bringer of quality to Chryselr...Chrysler must be pretty bad if that's the case, as FIAT has a reputation for making sensationally unrealiable cars. I'll concede that they have improved dramatically in the last ten years, but you know what I mean. For me, the best thing about FIAT's new relationship with Chrysler will be the arrival of FIATs in the USA and access to FIAT's small car (particularly diesel - fingers crossed) technology.

    I consider myself a bit of an automotive enthusaist, and I distinguish between autos that are intended to be appliances(Camry/Accord/Corolla/Minivans/basic Pickups etc etc) versus autos that are intended to be driven by enthusiasts.

    The Jetta was always kind of borderline between the two categories, but the VR6 and turbo models were definitely budget enthusiast cars. The same could be said about the Passat as a luxury car. With the new versions, I think they are decidely more "appliance" and less "driver's car".

    I had a coworker a couple of years ago who had a Jetta with similar problems. She cursed it every day. There does seem to be a big difference think you are correct about the GTI. I think all the recent problems have shocked the American brands into action, but I wonder if it will stick. Ford has especially been on a roll. They finally wised up and decided to bring their European models to the US.

    As for Fiat/Chrysler: I realize Fiat has had issues in the past (Fix It Again, Tony!) but they have improved. The 500 did win European car of the year a couple of years ago, after all. I think more than anything, they have given an influx of cash and permission to upgrade products. Like I said, under Daimler and Cerebus, they were ignored and neglected. The new V6 and current redesigns were already in the works, but Fiat just gave some money to speed up things. They seem to be headed in the right direction, but then again, Chrysler has the most up and down history in the business. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne seems to be a good car exec and seems to be making good decisions.

    I'm an enthusiast as well. I've had 3 straight Mazdas because they have been reliable, affordable, but still fun to drive. The first gen Mazda 6 is probably the most fun I have had driving a FWD car. Sadly, like VW, they seem to have lost their way chasing the mainstream. The second gen 6 got much bigger and heavier, and seems to have lost its sporting nature. And I can no longer get it with a V6 and manual transmission. I may have bought my last Mazda.


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  • scottgintheuk
    Sep 25, 09:46 AM
    Hi All

    I am currently a PC user, but am interested in switching to Mac. I m looking at getting the Mac Mini (1.42Ghz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HD, SuperDrive Spec)

    How will the above spec machine deal with very basic video editing? I have a DVD Cam Corder and will want to 'join' video clips with music tracks added.... nothing too serious.

    I have to choose between the above Mac or a AMD Athlon 64 (+3400) PC System (with 1GB Ram and 200BG HD)

    Any help would be appreciated


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  • Wal-Mart lame for an entirely

  • liamkp
    Jul 10, 01:46 PM
    Was wondering if you can use 2 bluetooth headsets at the same time.

    I dont think so.

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  • whyrichard
    Jan 20, 02:33 PM

    Maccus Aurelius
    Nov 20, 02:33 PM
    Hmmm. I think I figured this one out. It's Apple. Apple makes Macs. All new Macs have Airport. Macs are plugged into the Internet. iPhones are made by Apple. Apple controls the default settings on Mac OS X.

    "If you're near a Mac your calls are free."

    How 'bout them Apples?

    Sweet. But, there's more to just piggybacking on your mac's airport connection to make calls. I think more has to be done to make this networking possible.

    Sep 10, 11:15 PM
    Would you be so kind to post this wallpaper please? Thank you!

    Apr 6, 04:40 PM
    I tried the Toy Camera effect for this photo, unfortunately it showed up some water marks on my 50mm lens at the time of taking the photo. I retouched them, but it means I think some photos from August/September have these blemishes...

    Mar 21, 02:11 PM
    It's funny how there's things in a University that are what I would only refer to as assume knowledge. Pricing, billings, building a cv and building a professional network are very much skimped over IMHO.

    It wasn't until I started working in house as a creative I really got a good understanding of these processes, what I would suggest though is to buy this book. (

    Pricing, I cannot repeat this enough charge how you think you should be paid. 3 hours for a web site mock-up for $75 wouldn't get me out of bed, your undercutting yourself and making yourself marketable to the low ballers.

    Whatever your charging divide by 4, as a freelance that is your REAL hourly wages. So if you're charging $25 per hour you're real hourly wage is $6.25, workers are Burger King earn more.

    Charging more will bracket yourself to a better class of client IMHO.
    Hi. Thanks. I think your right. The solution may be for me to send the "hourly" thing the way of the dodo. Set prices will help protect me from chiselers who claim they can only afford so many hours.

    Jan 22, 09:59 AM

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