Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • Mahatma
    08-21 08:52 PM
    Dear lazycis,

    Thanks a lot! You are always on top of things.

    What a contrast? You are not lazy at all!

    Have a great weekend.

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  • sjhugoose
    January 8th, 2004, 10:09 PM
    I would clip the levels a lot more agressively. That would get rid of some of the haziness of the pic!

    If you like Email me and Then I can email the image to you!


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  • GodblessGC
    02-19 04:04 PM

    How big is your company (no of H1's) ?
    How many GC's they have filed ?

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  • Kona Fan
    February 5th, 2005, 08:18 AM
    Nice group of shots Freddy! Now I know where these birds are from.....they have a few in the zoo near me but the sign never said what corner of the globe they were from.


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  • Ram_C
    09-12 04:51 PM
    Just saw this one:


    Hope this helps.


    Thanks for your enthusiasm in sharing the Oct visa bulletin news, will you please consider contributing to Sep 18th DC Rally in any of following ways

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    6 or in any other way you can think of

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  • gcwait123
    01-29 07:11 PM
    I currently have approved EAD, I-140 and waiting for a Visa number to become available. My receipt date for I-485 was July 2nd 2007 and my notice date was September 27th. My employer is closing the IT department in March. Though it has been 180 days since my receipt date, it's not 180 days since my notice date. Will my I-485 processing be impacted when a Visa number becomes available? Also, will it be Ok if I'm out of a job for a short time while I'm looking for my next job? I sincerely appreciate the help and guidance in this matter.



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  • omahaguy
    08-05 11:48 AM
    Company A attorney says I can apply for 3 year extension from B. Still waiting to hear from B's attorney. Did you check with your attorneys?

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  • aray
    05-28 08:58 AM

    Has anyone used ICE MILLER as their legal counsel (immigration attorneys)?

    I am planning to use AC-21 provisions to change jobs. My new employer is going to use ICE MILLER in Indianapolis to process my H1-B transfer.

    I was wondering if anyone could share his/her experience with their staff and general suggestions. I would like to use them for any RFEs or filing any AC-21related documents.

    Thanks in advance.

    Comments anyone???


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  • bikram_das_in
    09-29 10:32 PM
    Since USCIS is done with all I-485 cases, should they not allow filing of I-485 when PD is not current? Or at least they should allow filing I-485 for the people who's I-140 is approved and PD is not current.

    Should IV core take this up as next high priority admin fix item with USCIS?

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  • nlalchandani
    09-25 01:50 PM
    Search for a thread on immigration.com by united nations.. he has a very detailed analysis presented..


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  • lost_angeles
    10-02 06:42 PM
    I am July 2007 485 filer. I currently work on H1B and my spouse works using EAD. I alongwith couple of friends am thinking of starting a business. Plans are that my spouse would be the owner of the business / incorporation.

    Has anybody gone through the same process : incorporation, immigration issues, etc. Would you pl refer / recommend a good lawyer for this?

    Appreciate your replies.


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  • ajju
    09-06 12:02 PM
    Ajju, Mine & wife's applications for 485/EAD/AP reached Nebraska on 07/25/07 and I have receipt dates of 08/27/07. I'm yet to receive it from my lawyer. Found out the LIN #'s from the back of my encashed check. No finger print notice yet. I do not think every one who filed between 07/17/07 to 08/17/07 will have a receipt date of 07/17/07


    8/27 should be your Notice Date... per online status it will say received on 8/27.. but its ND... Once you get physical receipts... the RD has to be 7/24 in all normal scenarios... But for July fiasco filers.. I think it could be just 7/17... Update once you get the physical receipts.. I may be wrong... just noticed this in one case only yet...


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  • kumhyd2
    09-06 10:31 PM

    IV Team: Contact this group to garner the support.

    The National Postdoctoral Association is a professional association that provides a unique, national voice for postdoctoral scholars. The NPA was founded in 2003, with an ambitious agenda to enhance the quality of the postdoctoral experience. The NPA incorporated in the District of Columbia in 2005 as a non-profit organization. The IRS has approved the NPA as a charitable, educational organization under 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Charitable contributions to the NPA are tax deductible.

    Since its founding, the NPA has assumed a leadership role in addressing the many issues confronting the postdoctoral community that are national in scope, requiring action beyond the local level. Key alliances are being forged at all levels, and new standards and policies proposed by NPA are being considered and adopted by federal agencies and research institutions throughout the U.S.

    The NPA is supported by its members and charitable contributions from those who support its mission, including the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. To view a list of other NPA supporters, please click here.

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  • eb3_nepa
    04-23 07:21 PM
    According to this document, if you switch jobs it IS better to file the AC21 and inform the USCIS, just in case trhe employer decides to reovke the I-140.


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  • ranand00
    02-08 10:58 PM
    Hi I am on H4,

    Yesterday my h1b was approved ( cap h1b)
    I got an offer from another company , ready to file my h1b ( non -cap) asap.

    My question-If i apply for h1b transfer to non-cap without working for cap company in 7-10 days and later If I want to join a cap company,will I have to go through the lottery again -basically will i be subject to cap.

    2.what is the proper process for transfer to occur.

    3. I do not want to inform cap company.I have the receipt number.Is it sufficient to apply for transfer.


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  • glores1970
    08-12 11:51 PM
    1. What is the exact filing fee ? The latest I-131 instructions have this note -

    NOTE: If you filed a Form I-485, Application to RegisterPermanent Residence or Adjust Status, as of July 30, 2007,no fee is required to also file a request for advance paroleon Form I-131. You may file the I-131 concurrently withyour I-485, or you may submit the I-131 at a later date. Ifyou file Form I-131 separately, you must also submit acopy of your Form I-797C, Notice of Action, receipt asevidence of the filing of an I-485 as of July 30, 2007.

    My PD was current in July, and my application reached USCIS on July 2. Does this note mean I dont have to pay any fees for AP ?

    2. How do I connect a new AP application to a filed 485 application ? I dont have receipt for the 485 application yet - it reached on July 2, 2007.

    3. What do I fill in part 7 ? It has the following questions -
    1. If the person intended to receive an advance parole document is outside the United States, provide the location (city and country) of the American embassy or consulate or the DHS overseas office that you want us to notify.

    2. If the travel document will be delivered to an overseas office, where should the notice to pick up the document be sent:


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  • Humhongekamyab
    06-16 04:41 PM
    Hello Folks,

    I am on H1-B and have an EAD. My Dad is a builder in Hyderabad and I want to promote the apartments in US. Can I rent an office space and just do marketing without registering a business? All sales will be completed in India.

    Thanks for your advice,

    Notwithstanding the advice you get here, you should contact an attorney for legal advice. Don't act on the information you get here. You don't want to jeopardize you immigration status.

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  • krishna_brc
    03-19 05:00 PM
    My labor was filed with job title from the employer as IT Lead (O*Net Code - 11-3021.00, O*Net title - Computer and Information Systems Managers). I am having an opportunity to convert to full-time on EAD (I-140 approved, EAD received 18months back). The new job title is Software Engineer(possible O*Net codes - 15-1032.00/15-1021.00/15-1031.00, possible O*Net title - Computer Software Engineer/Computer Programmer). Is it possible to file AC21 in this scenario. The salary and the job descriptions for both the Labor filing and the new opportunity are similar. I am worried if the title might cause a problem. I have to make a decision very soon. Please help.

    as far i have learnt from the discussions in forms "Title" should not be a problem.
    But the O*Net Code should be the same.

    Meaning new job should fall under the same job code.


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  • LegallyWise
    09-20 08:57 PM
    I would appreciate a response to my immigration questions as discussed below from anyone knowledgeable on the nuances.

    I immigrated here at the age of 5 (in 1988) with my parents. We overstayed our visitor visas.

    In 2004, I married my high-school sweetheart, he petitioned for me and in 11/2005 we interviewed and I obtained my conditional permanent residence.

    In 9/2007, we signed the documents to convert my conditional to legal permanent residence. I became a legal permanent resident in 8/2008.

    After the signing by both parties but prior to receiving permanent residence, in 10/2007, he filed for divorce claiming constructive abandonment for 10 months. This was not what happened, and I was legally unwise, so I did nothing and signed the papers. I consulted my immigration counsel (in 8/2008 after receiving legal permanent residency) and the paralegal gave me the roundabout about having to see the divorce papers and he said that I may be penalized for the divorce at the time I apply for citizenship because of the 10-month constructive abandonment provision.

    I consulted with another immigration lawyer who said this would not be a problem at all.

    I have left the situation alone until now. I am looking to leave the my current immigration counsel due to their incompetence.

    1. When can I become a citizen (do I have to wait 5 years from 11/2005 due to the divorce)?
    2. What are the foreseeable problems when I apply for citizenship?
    3. Do I have to take any other steps?

    I look forward to any responses on this and appreciate the help in advance.

    Thank you.

    10-01 04:20 PM
    I came to US on B2 10-year multiple visa, my I-94 is going to expire in a few weeks (first time extension approved ). My husband�s citizenship application has been pending for the past 10 months, it is in internal security check , so don't know how long it will take to clear.

    What are the consequences if I over stay on my B1 visa for about 150 days, during which I apply for my I-130 and then go back to my home country and go for the consulor processing. Is this can be done? I got different opinions so confused. Would it impact my consular interview?

    The hope is my husband�s citizenship would be approved before that and I might never have to leave the US.

    Thanks in advance.

    05-18 12:48 AM
    Check your I-140 approval notice for priority date..

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