Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • go_guy123
    03-11 02:04 PM
    My sister in India may be getting married to a US citizen..she would like to apply for a tourist visa first so she can come stay in the US and spend some time with him before her marriage.

    If she applies for a tourist visa, stays in the US for a month or so and then later they apply together for a fiance/K3 visa, are there going to be problems for the K3 visa application considering that she had just applied for a tourist visa before? Is it better to not apply for the tourist visa in this case? Thanks...

    Way to go !!! great . Thsi is the way otherwise if you follow the other wise (round about way) Declare intent and get GC at Consulate...USCIS will start giving you a hard time with with rampany misuse of 221(g) enquiry etc. That is the beauty: At consulate they have unchallenged powers and they know it and therefore abuse it; But once you enter USA ...if they give you a hard time, you can haul their a**es to court and
    sue them

    If you ram into US with a B1/B2...then great they will made deal with you...however one thing
    be careful about...if the marriage is soon after you enter US and can complain of the false intent in the B2 entry...

    Have alook at Fiancee visa (K Visai think so ) as well.

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  • olegbi_q2
    07-28 05:29 PM
    Found the old J1 Visa stamped in the passport. It does list the 212(e) requirement.

    At the time when I got the first H1, I had 2 years, or close to 2 years of accrued stay in Russia. I should definitely have 2 years by now.

    What could be the result of not having had full 2 years at the time of first H1? What could be the effect on the currently active H1?

    If I show that right now I have 2 full years, would the AOS proceed, or are there any retroactive problems?

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  • emailrob
    10-27 03:48 PM
    Well they could hurry up and approve my eb1-c that's been pending for 8 months despite them saying 4 is their target! I can't see how they can say not enough applications when they are way off their targets for poor souls like me. I've put in an SR so we'll see what happens

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  • we_can
    02-15 08:33 AM
    When the new company (for profit) applies for your wife's H1-B, it will be counted against the cap.


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  • rxsimha
    09-26 03:51 PM
    Thanks for the clarification. :)
    I was worried when people were getting receipt numbers for just one or two of the three.

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  • Sammo
    04-23 05:29 AM
    Thanks a lot MTSoul and λ :) Much appreciated.


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  • abhisam
    08-22 02:01 AM
    Hi All,

    A warm hello from the newly formed University Relations Committee - IV SoCal Chapter. The University Relations Committee will be responsible for educating university students about the advantages for them to join the IV efforts early on and increase our membership with active members from various universities.

    So if any of you think you can add a whole lot to this group, please feel free to reply back or PM me and I will add you to the group.

    - Abhisam

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  • simbasimba
    01-09 02:10 AM
    Thank you, another question in relation to eb2 progressive experience. Can vacation days be counted or included in the 5 years of experience? Or does it have to be a total of 5 years of work days, and, vacation excluded? Many thanks


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  • SlowRoasted
    05-22 10:12 PM
    nice, they are all good. I like the leaf one the most.

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  • arung
    02-24 10:46 PM
    Is there any solution going to come to help peoples here for 9 � 10years paying taxes, contributing to social security, Medicare, having clean records etc, and stuck on numerical limits and VISA numbers availability.
    Being in this situation is not because of not started process timely, where as this is caused by the way processing tied up with employer to get GC. And as soon as changed employer the whole process reset. Sometimes employee has to take decisions in the best interest of employers, where as one has to pay price like sitting in the GC Queue again and which was also not bad till the retrogress hit hard.
    There also best possibilities that people stuck in queue and waiting for GC are highly skilled, financially healthy, and capable to invest but surely not doing so in the anxiety
    Even in the current economic situations most of them also lost their big chunk of money from 401k, IRA and other investment which is going to take years to recover.


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  • chakdepatte
    08-17 08:31 PM
    We still in negotiation. not come to a stage where EAD has been asked for. i am wondering what else could they ask for other than EAD like do they need to provide any proof that they will sponsor my green card or do i need to file AC21 in advance.

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  • Prancer
    04-08 05:45 PM
    Thanks you guys. I'll be adding some more like it in a short while. :thumb:


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  • chem2
    07-22 04:28 PM

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  • andycool
    02-10 07:54 AM
    Thanks! We filed today.. they'll will receive tomorrow.

    My 485 is pending, so I think I won't be totally out of status..

    Any suggestion on how we can approch sending the approved LCA later and ask USCIS to match it to the already submitted H1B petition?

    I dont see a problem if you have I 485 Pending ( i assume you have EAD to continue working )

    I filed my H1B 3 months later after joining a new job on EAD , i didnt have any problem



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  • kirupa
    04-22 04:55 PM
    I really like your last two entries! :beam:

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  • mailmy_gc
    03-02 07:24 PM
    SDI is disability insurance you are mandated to insure during this kind of situations.

    My wife is working on EAD. When we had baby (she had C-Section), she applied for SDI and she was paid. She asked her HR. HR mentioned SDI is nothing to do with immigration. Due to the company policy, We were forced to apply.

    I know one of my friend who was benifitted with SDI and FMLA while he was on H1.



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  • austinsamb
    08-14 12:01 PM
    Yes, you can use same AP document for multiple entry/stampings, the second time CBP stapled a paper to the original so they can keep stamping and the new paper. Now this additional document had columns and rows set for 12 more stampings, any link to the memo that says only 6 entries per AP?

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  • Munna Bhai
    08-23 09:00 AM
    My friend has H1 and working for company A. He transferred his H1 and started working for company B (Its been 4 weeks and he has 2 paystubs from company B).

    He is sure that company A didn't revoked / cancelled his H1. Now he wants to move to company A (old one). Is this possible?

    or does he need to re-transfer his H1 from copnay B to company A?

    Please advise.


    He/She can join old company as long as H1b from the old company is not revoked. There is no need for any H1b transfer as long as old company's H1b is valid. Just go and join them back if they are willing to take him. Lot of people of H1b do this. Hope this helps.

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  • sideeque
    12-15 04:29 PM
    Is there any rule saying that she has to complete minimum 18 credit hours before going for vacation and stamp.

    She has just completed 3 credit house(when was in H4). Is she able to go now and stamp visa?

    09-28 11:16 AM
    Does the new Quota start Monday Oct 1 st?? Can we see approvals coming right away or will USCIS take some time to access the number of application received and then request the visa numbers..

    Also did USCIS use up all numbers for 2007?

    Any ideas???:confused:

    01-09 11:33 PM
    I did about 3 APs and EADs myself this is not so important. I had left it blank. The most important thing I remember is my EAD got rejected was when I picked the wrong section for the Basis of EAD (which is a bunch of codes). Please make sure you pick the right one here, if your in doubt dont fill the form till you know the exact answer.
    Hope that helps.

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