Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • Krilnon
    10-10 06:38 PM
    The reason that your code is not working is that e.Key only references the most recently pressed key, so it can't be equal to 3 different keys at once.

    If nothing else, couldn't you maintain a list/array of the currently pressed keys? You could update the list with handlers for KeyUps and KeyDowns and figure out whether a certain combination of keys was pressed by iterating through the array. I'm not sure if there is built-in functionality to do this, but it would be easy enough to implement.

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  • dbzfan33
    09-08 09:02 PM
    wow, i'm the last person to comment in this whole forum for 12 hours!!!

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  • govindraj76
    07-29 10:55 PM
    GC Status: Filed in EB3, PD OCT 2004. I-485 not filed. I-140 status : Approved
    Visa status: My LCA/H1visa end date is March 2011.

    I am on 7th year extension.H1 extension was approved based on approved I-140. H1 extension is set to expire in March 2011 (7-8 months)

    There is a need for me to switch current employer.

    1. Can the PD ported thru the next GC process by new employer, even if the I-140 is cancelled from prior employer ??

    There is no fraud or any misrepresentation and if prior employer cancels appoved I-140.

    Please provide insight in this case as how the USCIS officer takes decision on PD porting is concerned ?

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  • skp71
    05-28 08:27 PM
    I requested(May 02nd) them to approve my case using "Cross-Chargeability", since my wife was born in non-retro country. But from June 01st, my PD (India) also becomes current. I really don't know what to do now?


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  • octoberbloom
    12-05 10:43 AM
    If we interpret each and every statement, we will come up with hundreds of comments/opinions. But no conclusion. Right now the processing for AOS is 6 months.
    I guess Naturalization means citizenship. Did u apply for citizenship or 485?

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  • kak1978
    02-17 05:27 PM
    It is a good idea to contact the international student office in your university. But I have seen people using up their OPT without being employed.


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  • sth2009
    07-24 03:36 AM
    I am in the same situation.I was told by my lawyer that if company A didnt cancel the H1b and as long as u have a valid and unexpired h1b with company A u dont need to retransfer to company A

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  • martinvisalaw
    06-12 04:35 PM
    You should speak with a contract or employment lawyer in your home state about this. The rules on these agreements vary from state to state, and the agreements are often not enforceable. Even if the reimbursement agreement is enforceable, an employer can never ask an employee to pay the training fee ($1500 or $750, depending on the size of the company).

    PS - this should really be in the nonimmigrant visa forum.


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  • gparr
    November 16th, 2005, 10:33 PM
    Was trying to do something different with the petals of a white Persian violet bloom. I could not isolate the bloom from the other blooms in the planting, but not sure if that matters or not. Does this shot work on any level or should I have moved on to something else?


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  • fcres
    01-15 01:41 PM
    Is it possible to use spouse's PD ?

    Just to make sure i understand this CFR right Sec. 45. 2 Priority date of applicants. (http://www.uscis.gov/propub/ProPubVAP.jsp?dockey=c4934c1786b99f1896b1c58f5df66 d79)


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  • brij523
    03-01 07:43 AM
    I have some good chance to get appointment with political figure in Savannah, GA. Anyone in Savannah, who will like to meet the political figure? I need answer within this week.
    Please reply me or some IV core member, ASAP.


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  • yestogc
    06-05 05:10 PM
    YES, I had a friend who came back from airport recently to pick his PP.


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  • fromnaija
    06-13 05:24 PM
    He is probably stucked in name check. If that clears he will get the visa.

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  • qtoask
    06-25 03:17 PM
    I have not heard any new I485 approvals for Today? Do you know any?


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  • pmpforgc
    04-10 02:36 PM
    If you came across other such humors related to problems faced by immigrants please share those.

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    05-30 10:15 PM
    It is difficult to predict the timeline.
    The house members are not happy with the Senate bill.
    I have read that the conference committee may meet next monday ( all hearsay).

    We can only pray and hope for the best.


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  • grupak
    11-16 09:53 AM
    On the main page, go to the state chapter link under the main menu and find the NJ contacts... I think chandu23 can help. paskal is the national coordinator who can also help.

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  • brij523
    03-04 07:23 AM
    Please respond if you live in Savannah area in GA


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  • sk.aggarwal
    04-26 11:55 AM
    Yes, this is very common. BTW once IO at POE made an error and give I-94 till 3 years when my I-797 was expiring in less than a year. Immediately came back to him and brought to his attention and he corrected it.

    11-16 03:43 PM
    for repying to this post, some jerk gave me a red dot:

    "Office closure: Impact... 11-13-2008 05:28 PM really?"

    IV should consider stopping anonymous repute-system!!

    I'm not sure the need of physical office for GC, but for H1 transfer and extns you may get RFE for office photos, lease agreement (notarised copy) etc.

    10-17 10:40 PM
    It is recommended to stay on H1 until 485 is approved.

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