Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • DareYouFireMe
    11-28 05:54 PM
    I am new to IV. I am just wondering whether we have ever emphasized on bifurcation of Immigration Bill or call for a interim law to facilitate legal immigrant's issues ( mainly retro victims) -

    Our problems are very basic and do not have sociopolitical or economical strings attached to it (Probably works better for economy as lot of us are holding on to buy houses and other big budget stuff).

    The main issue I have is
    - Unable to change jobs

    I can wait for GC but not being able to change jobs is hurting me most.
    Employers do not find projects and do not pay on bench. Once you find a project Employer wants a big cut. All in the name of policy ;) .

    Please share your thoughts.

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  • karthik204
    03-30 03:46 PM

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  • regacct
    07-12 10:49 AM
    Congress Must Stop Playing Immigration Futbol - Yahoo! News (http://news.yahoo.com/s/cq/20100708/pl_cq_politics/politics3698103_1)

    ..... Even as they battle each other, both parties are losing, too. By demanding ever harsher enforcement measures, Republicans are kicking away support from Latinos, the nation's fastest-growing demographic group.

    And Democrats, by insisting on "comprehensive" reform to appease liberal and Latino activists, are losing the chance to enact incremental changes that might build a consensus for full reform.

    ....The idea of incremental reform has been advocated for years by the founder of the National Immigration Forum, Rick Swartz, but it has been resisted -- and still is -- by many activists who demand nothing less than earned legalization for most of the country's 12 million illegal immigrants.

    .... A "down payment" bill ought to pass this year. After all, 11 Senate Republicans have supported immigration reform in the past. But the bottom line is that nothing at all will pass this year. What about next year?

    Republican Conference Chairman Lamar Alexander (Tenn.) told me that 2011 should be the year for action both on the nation's debt problem and immigration -- but he said that "border security first" would continue to be the GOP mantra.

    .... You'd like to think that maybe Republicans and Democrats could act like adults, call a truce and agree to compromise reform legislation gradually leading to legal status for illegal immigrants.

    You'd like to think it, but it would be utterly -- and sadly -- out of character for those in power in Washington, D.C.

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  • imm_pro
    03-26 05:23 PM

    Can anyone share the experience of H1 Visa stamping in Hyderabad. As per their web site they need quite a lot of documentation. Not sure if such doecumentation is required for visa revalidation (same category - H1) as well.


    Not sure if this would be helpful to you - but my friend's wife got her first time H4 stamping done in Hyd recently without any issues.
    Documents asked were recent paystubs and last year's W2.


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  • newuser123
    05-18 01:06 AM

    Just be honest. For now you can say "No" as it is not full time. If VO asks more question on it tell them "you were not sure and ask them what it needs to be since she is doing part time. Take relavent docuemnts to show she is a part time.

    All it needs to get visa is Honesty.

    Good luck

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  • GotGC??
    11-14 03:59 PM
    Find in-line
    What is the minimum requirement for EB2? From what I read, it's BS+5yrs, or MS+1yr.

    EB2, officially known as "members of a profession holding advanced degree", requires a "Masters degree". USCIS views a BS+5 as equivalent to a masters degree for this purpose.

    1. Is there a rule that the experience should have been gained outside of the US?

    2. Is there a rule that the number of years experience should be from an employer other than the petitioning employer?



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  • nyte_crawler
    04-05 09:13 PM
    Pineapple, although I dont have a solution to your problem I can definitely say that something is better than nothing. The senate dont have a problem with legal immigration, as long it is legal. If we can get our EB provisions as a part of this bill, most of them will be happy. There will quirks that can apply to immigrants as well, but that has to be addresed by the part of overall nature of the bill.

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  • chanduv23
    07-01 04:41 PM

    I got a card production email on 6/25, got the 485 approval notice in the mail on 6/27 but haven't received the card yet as of today, 7/1. Anyone seen this sort of long delay in getting the card?


    Call USCIS and verify your address. Have you moved receently - sometimes your AR11 change of address may not have been recorded on your case.

    I am sure, you will get it anytime.



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  • Ram_C
    09-12 04:51 PM
    Just saw this one:


    Hope this helps.


    Thanks for your enthusiasm in sharing the Oct visa bulletin news, will you please consider contributing to Sep 18th DC Rally in any of following ways

    1. Attend / Sponsor DC Rally and let your voice be heard.
    2. spread the word about DC Rally http://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=11694
    3. collect signatures on petitions
    4. Join your State Chapter and volunteer the efforts of IVhttp://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=11684
    5. make / collect Donations for the Rallyhttp://immigrationvoice.org/forum/showthread.php?t=11689
    6 or in any other way you can think of

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  • pappu
    11-02 11:46 AM
    Since we are uncertain of our job as well as status in USA,
    is it really worth to save on 401K? More input will be appreciateI.
    I started a discussion on this subject
    to have all related useful information in one place.


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  • ricky26
    02-04 05:53 AM
    my self (h1 holder) and my spouse (h4 holder) currently out of country. 485 approved for h1 holder. but AOS is still pending for h4 holder. H4 holder does not have AP.

    What happens at POE ? We both have valid h1 and h4 stamping but no AP. are we allowed to re-enter on H1 and H4 ?

    Please help.

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  • saketh555
    10-09 09:59 AM
    Victim of bodyshopper?? Never say that dude, are you forced to join? Its your choice when there is no other choice or hope. A so called bodyshopper is your last resort before packing your bags when you are thrown out. All the bodyshoppers are same it may IBM or a desi company.
    After lay off in 01, i joined a desi firm and i'm happy with my employer.


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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    09-23 08:56 PM
    ...that you submitted and it has a column where you were supposed to fill in the job code. Also, you would have attached a copy of your approved labor to support the application and job category.

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  • Hermione
    10-02 10:49 AM
    Applied for AP/EAD/485 in July 07.....I know that I can invoke AC21 after 180 days and change jobs.....My question is ,

    1. If I travel to India before the 180 days and use the AP when I return, is it like invoking AC21 before 180 days ?

    2. what are the consequences of using AP within 180 days after filing for 485 ?

    3. Is AP and AC21 related ? [brother, sister , cousin :) ]


    1. No.
    2. None.
    3. No.

    AC21 changes the sponsoring employer on your green card petition (the one that you plan to work for upon final approval).


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  • pmpforgc
    04-10 02:36 PM
    If you came across other such humors related to problems faced by immigrants please share those.

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  • ashrock11
    05-11 01:41 PM
    I think you should get it extended. Its a back up for your EAD if you are working in the same company. It does not affect your current 485 process.


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  • GCard_Dream
    06-07 10:55 AM
    One of my family member came to US on visitor visa a year ago. She was granted 6 months visa at the port of entry. After 6 month, she filed for another B1/B2 extension with USCIS and was granted another 6 month of stay. The 6 month extension is about to expire.

    She had booked her tickets and got ready to leave but unfortunately she became seriously ill and currently is not in a condition to travel. She is going through medical treatment but because of the seriousness of the illness, it might take another couple of months before she is healthy enough to travel.

    Now the question is can she apply for 2nd extension of visa based on medical ground. By law, can she even file for a 2nd extension given that she has already been in the country for about 12 months. I talked to an attorney and he said that she can file but likelihood of getting another extension is very low.

    If another B1/B2 extension is not possible, is there any other kind of visa available for her to stay here while she is going through the medical treatment?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

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  • jani07
    05-17 10:34 AM
    be damned...

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  • pd_recapturing
    04-22 07:40 PM
    Yeah, right, first u need to find out which 140 was withdrawn. If the approved one is withdrawn, u r safe based on the fact that the same 140 was used with 485.

    01-10 10:06 AM
    Can we make use of this town hall meeting? Any Idea?


    Town Hall meetings are an excellent chance for you to show your Members of Congress that positive immigration legislation is a priority for their constituents. Check this calendar so you don't miss these opportunities to ask your legislators for their positions on immigration, and tell them yours!

    10-16 05:08 AM
    I was in a similar situation as you and had to use this firm. H1B filing experience was fine but the entire GC process and filing was not a good experience at all. There were days I had to call the paralegal and teach him the new immigration laws and that's never a good sign ! Because of their mistake I was stuck in Eb3 rather being in Eb2. May be they will deal differently with your case but have a chat with them and your company managers before you agree to use them. I m with another company and another attorney firm and they are awesome !

    Anyway, pm me if you need more info. Good luck,

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