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  • puddonhead
    06-15 05:16 PM
    First, your friends father needs to find an employer who is willing to sponsor him for H1B and later for GC. Usually, all legitimate employers will have a host of immigration lawyers and counselors who will take care of things from that time onwards.

    That said - now may not be the best time to try and find a job in US. Finding a H1B job (i.e. one that cant be filled locally) - is even more of a challange. I wish him best of luck.

    If the person has relatives in US (is your "friend" a US citizen?) - then he may be able to "quickly" (1/2 years for immidiate relative, much more for others) immigrate using the family based immigration.

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  • SandeR2
    03-17 06:55 AM
    then I'll only enter the Bobblehead as an entry :)
    thanks for the feedback

    david cooke sculpture. Sculpture by David Altmejd
  • Sculpture by David Altmejd

  • rockstart
    10-06 03:20 PM
    I joined my present company in June 2004 on CPT, missed the summer graduation so applied for the spring graduation. Got my MS diploma in Dec 2004 (non thesis). Went on H1 in Oct 2004. Applied for GC in Feb 06 as EB2 and I got it without any issues. I know another friend of mine who joined with me in June 2004. He actually took classes later to finish his MS and finally graduated in December 2005 and he too got his Eb2 approved. The GC is for future job and not the current one so according to me it should be fine.

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  • dvb123
    09-07 11:58 AM
    Other gurus can answer in a detailed manner. I am going to very short. Chinese Eb3 have filed for an injunction stating that they need to be allocated visa numbers because in 2008 and 2009 they were overlooked because DOS could not count the inventory of EB3 properly.

    DOS replied that this kind of injunction would harm other countries ppl. DOS is allowed by law to make reasonable estimates in progressing and degressing priority dates. If some ppl are left behind they cannot do anything.

    Here is the part of the law which states that DOS has the authority to do reasonable estimates of priority dates and this is what was stated in the DOS response to the injunction

    Congress has expressly
    provided that in allocating visa numbers, the Department of State may “make reasonable
    estimates.” 8 U.S.C. � 1153(g). In relevant part, Section 1153(g) states:
    For purposes of carrying out the Secretary’s responsibilities in the orderly administration
    of this section, the Secretary may make reasonable estimates of the anticipated number of
    visas to be issued during any quarter of any fiscal year . . . and to rely upon such estimates
    in authorizing the issuances of visas.


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  • nizamm
    10-01 01:04 AM
    Originally posted by DyersEve
    Well nevermind, i somehow figured things out and if ya wanna check out my test movie go to

    The guy asked for help, not branding!!

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  • Dhundhun
    06-11 12:55 PM
    ... But the consulting firm advised against it as according to them if she re-enters in H4 (even before Oct 1) while her H1 approval is pending, her H1 application will be cancelled and she has to restart the process all over again. Something to do with the last status on re-entry.

    I think this issue used to be there. Why do you think otherwise? COS is not computerized to happen on Oct 1. It is manual process, while approving H1B, it is done. When someone enters after that on H4, then that COS is overwritten.

    What lawyer is telling in this regard?


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  • sanju_eb3
    12-08 11:22 PM
    Sorry this is a non-immigration related post.

    I wanted to share this YouTube video -- it's just too good.

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  • fide_champ
    08-06 10:18 AM

    I went to US on B1 and came back to india last week, I would like to apply H1 in the current year. Is there any cooling period to apply H1B once come back from US on B1 or Can I start the H1B process immediately.

    Thanks in Advance.

    - Mani

    Looks like there are companies lined up to recruit you. Could you please publish your CV so that others can copy it?


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  • desi485
    11-11 06:20 PM
    Has anyone heard about the immigrant advocacy groups that are planning a protest march on Washington one day after Obama's inaguration. They plan to demand that immigration raids stop and that immigration reform be taken up during the first 100 days of Obama's administration (while recognizing that the economy comes first)

    The marches are apparently being organized by the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). These news are very fresh and thus far I have only seen it on Spanish language media (3 different online newspapers). Here is the note in Spanish:

    Should we march ourselves for legal immigrants? Send flowers? The inaguration and following days will be very visible.

    I don't know what but for sure something has to be done from our side.

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  • zilmax007
    09-07 01:54 PM
    Close this thread, this is a week ago news.


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  • thakkarbhav
    01-20 02:32 PM
    You can apply for multiple H1B at the same time. No need to pay Company but they will aks you to join once H1B gets approved. so at that point you need to decide which one is better for you. You can work for both of them if one of them is ready to offer you part time work. Please Get attorney advice on that part.

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  • wwwwww
    03-28 05:17 PM
    Because of weather only.


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  • number30
    03-11 06:21 PM
    I would like to get your opinion on current situation.

    Education: MS(Ind Engg), 5+ yrs exp.

    I have priority date of Oct -2007(applied for labor under EB3). Got approved I-140 in Feb 2008( EB3 category). I got promoted to next level so requested to apply for labor once again in EB2 category in Feb 2009 and got approved labor in Feb 2010.

    Is there a provision to amend labor and include previously approved I-140? Or Do I have to apply I-140 once again? and my priority date would be Feb 2009?


    No labor amendement is possible. You have to go through Labor and I-140 stage again.

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  • gcpain
    06-25 10:53 AM
    I was working with employer -A till 2006 and got I140 approved (Feb 2006) in EB3. In November 2006 I joined employer B as it is good for my carrier. I talk to employer A (body shopper) and he is ready to support for my green card as I worked for him for six long years and still he did not cancel my old H1B.

    1. I have two options here my old employer (A) is body-shopper. So he will agree for both future or current employment. I have very good permanent job and bright future prospects with new employer (B). In this case what you guys advice me? Apply I485 as future employment or quit present job and join old employer (A) and apply I485 as current employment?

    2. If I do not join old employer (with whom I have I140 approved) now, in this case what are my options for I485 applying? (Only future employment I485/ I can file current employment I485 and not drawing any salary from old employer )

    3. Will I485 as future employment has any problems?

    4. Can I use AC21 after 180 days on my I485 future employment application?

    Appreciate your advice in this matter. Thanks in advance to all your replies and wish you best of luck.


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  • pandu_hawaldar
    06-30 01:38 AM

    1. Based on the state you live in. (either texas or nebraska)

    2. check the instruction here:

    3. You must send following documents.
    - Copy of i485 receipt.
    - EAD card front & back.
    - 2 personal photos.
    - Check on US Department of Homeland security for $340 (based on filing date original I765).

    Dear IV users,

    for the first time I/m doing self-filing could you please answer my naive questions?

    1. How could I know which service center to file? I have my current EAD with me with the card and attached paper work and it says it is from Nebraska Service Center - so is this the service center I need to re apply?

    2. Where can I find the mailing address for this service center?

    3. Should I send a copy of my passport and other immigration history documents for renewal?

    Please reply at your convenience.

    Thank you.

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  • Ramba
    10-29 06:19 PM
    Hi ,
    One of my friends applied for his GC thru a consulting company which he does not work for...He used to work for the company but left that company before he decided to file with them...Since he has good relations with the company, they decided to file for him.
    The company recently filed his I140 but they got a RFE on I140. INS wants to know why does the company want to hire him and why he left the company in the first place..does anyone in the forum has a similar experience to share...The RFE is actually for the conmpany but the owner wants my friend to write a letter and mail it to the lawyer. Any help is appreciated.

    First, employer or his agent only reply to RFE, not your friend.

    Second, it is a simple stright forward RFE, unless INS found some fishy thing (or doubting as it is a bonafide sponsership) as employee not working for sponser. May be they are trying to control future employee loop hole. Employer can write the reason why he left and why they want to hire him back. It is a strightforward easy question to answer.


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  • gc_chahiye
    07-10 09:25 PM
    october 02 EB3. You could be current this october itself!!

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  • Anysia
    03-21 12:04 AM
    Non-profit the name emplies are organizations that doesnt aim to make a profit...and if they ever do, it must be retained within the organization so they can support their own programs and services. Examples are foundations, charities--they are tax favored. I know some schools are too---and hospitals. Ive worked in one hospital before. You can find it out by reading what a company is all about...visions, missions...they will usually say they are not for profit organizations if ever they are...hope this the way...they are VISA CAP EXEMPT!

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  • austingc
    08-07 12:01 PM
    I have probably a strange case .In 2007 when all the dates were current my employer filed I-140 & I485 at the same time in EB2 . I have received AP and EAD both according to standard procedure.I have maintained my H1B status. Then after a month or so I have received I-140 rejection due to different job requirement and I am overqualified for the job so my attorney interfiled new I-140 under EB3 without worrying about I 485 thinking since I 140 is denied it should nullify I485 under EB2 . In the mean time USCIS sent me a new I-485 receipt # . I got my I 140 approved in another six months under EB3 and now I have two I 485 receipt numbers as well as two A numbers. Both of the receipts when I checked the status show that it is under initial review. Shall I call USCIS and get rid of the initial I485 which is under EBII . Anyone had this kind of experience??

    I don't think you want to hear our openion to take action in your sitution. Talk to a good and reputable attorney to handle this case.

    02-11 12:34 AM
    I know its pretty cold here in Wisconsin these days, but come on!!!!

    Speak up.....Say something...Somebody...Please....
    The silence is deafening!!!!!!

    Hello from Wisconsin......
    We tried to organize a little meeting back in December. But not much came out of it.
    We should try again.

    04-07 03:25 PM
    last part is interesting:

    Last summer, USCIS received an unprecedented number of applications and petitions for immigration benefits. During June, July and August alone, USCIS received nearly three million filings, compared to 1.8 million filings during the same period the previous year. This sudden surge included 1.4 million naturalization applications last year � 460,000 in July alone. While historically filing increases have occurred in advance of fee increases, Presidential elections, immigration debates and new legislation, none of the past increases are close to the magnitude of the last summer�s surge.

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