Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • mnkaushik
    02-09 03:36 PM
    My Lawyer said the same thing. If you say the minimum requirement for a particular job is Bachelors + 5years of exp then every person hired for that position in the past should have Bachelors + 5yrs of exp.

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  • yyfGC98
    05-19 12:49 PM
    I need help on my I485 pending case:

    When I was a PHD student I filled NIW (national interest waiver) and got my I-140 approval (priority date is 6/22/2006). Now I am working for a Telecommunication company.

    My NIW I-140 form stated my job is:

    SOC Code: 17-2112
    Nontechnical description of job: Operations research and logistics with optimization and numerical analysis.

    In my NIW cover letter, I stated my contribution in airline industry with the operations research and optimization knowledge. My current work is still related to the operations research and logistics but my contribution is different now. Does that mean I am not in the same research/work field? Some attorney said my I-485 will most probably be denied because I am not benefit to airline industry now. Is this true?

    What is the definition of the same/similar field? I thought I should be safe as long as I continue to work on OR and logistics related work, even if my work on different project or for different companies.

    When USCIS process I-485, they will look at the job description on I-140 form or the contribution in cover letter?

    An attorney suggested me to apply a PERM as a backup to keep the existing priority date (6/22/06), in case my NIW-based 485 case has any issue.
    What's the percentage of chance that you think my 485 can be denied due to the working field issue? I originally thought it's very small (less than 5%), and I just need to wait for the Visa availability. Is it correct?

    My husband's H1 visa is about to reach the 6 year limit in March 2011, and he was thinking to use EAD from my 485 case until we get green card. Is this a good plan, or he need to apply a PERM as a backup too? Is it too late? What would be a good plan?

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-18 03:40 PM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    In an interview on David Letterman (, actor Robert Downey, Jr., talked about a problem he had last year in Japan, when upon entering he was detained and questioned about his past criminal record. Downey said: I probably should have seen there was a sign that said 'No Felons Allowed' in English and Japanese and I haven't had that expunged yet," he said. "You can actually get things expunged but I've been pretty busy. So I was detained, I was interrogated. It was a blast.

    Haven't you settled up? Haven't you paid your debts? Letterman asked.

    Clearly I haven't paid my debts to Japan, said Downey.

    While I certainly feel somewhat bad for Mr. Downey, this short exchange gave the impression that nothing similar would ever happen in America! Hah!

    U.S. Immigration Law contains restrictions that bar entry to people forever, for virtually any youthful indiscretion they have ever had, e.g. simple possession of a marijuana 20 years ago, without regard to whether or not you were actually convicted of the crime! You do not even need to have been convicted; the fact that you admit you did it will also get you barred from entry. Heck you will even be bounced ( from the United States after overstaying your visa for one day, leaving one day late, and then trying to come back in on that visa. Or, you will be detained and returned because the officer thinks you MIGHT be working (

    So, if you were watching David Letterman and thanking your lucky stars that America is far nicer to arriving tourists than Japan--think again!

    More... (

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  • telekinesis
    10-21 04:40 PM
    100% Photoshop


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-08 01:20 AM
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is promising immigration will be one of three major legislative priorities this year (the other two are health care reform and energy). It's not news that Senator Reid wants to push for reform this year, but it is the first time I've seen him be this specific on where immigration reform ranks on the priorities list.

    More... (

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  • buntee2
    06-17 11:50 AM
    This is preposterous. It should not take that long. Please keep me updated and let me know when you receive your receipt.


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  • quizzer
    02-08 04:14 PM
    Iam panning to invite my friends family who is PR there in singapore to come to usa on personal visit.

    Any idea about the b2 stamping success rates in singapore usa consulate?


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  • amitk81
    04-21 04:55 PM
    Hello Guys,

    First and foremost my sympathies on being a part of MI where almost everything is going the wrong way work situation, housing market and weather its been raining for almost 2 days now :), for fellow members there is another hassle of worrying about your immigration status.

    Things are bleak no doubt about that but we can make a difference no I am not trying to act or sound like The President of United States here, just trying to make a point. Hey given the present situation we can either lie down and take what the government has in store for us (which is erratic movements of PD�s through the visa bulletin which are most probably by the shots taken by the DOL just before the release of the visa bulletin) or take up the fight and try to make our voice heard.

    Hence to restart the chapter I would like to see if any of you are interested in a face to face meet to exchange stories and to brainstorm ideas to tackle the situation that we face currently.

    Ideas and suggestions welcome, lets make the change that we were promised last year.



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  • h1b_forever
    08-08 07:49 PM
    Must read for all EB3

    Why should there be a restriction on premium processing ?
    You should be eligible.

    Moving to the Faster Lane : Changing EB3 to EB2 (

    Case Study: Upgrade from EB3 to EB2 (

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  • karthik204
    09-09 10:26 PM
    Days come and go..
    Months come and go..
    Years come and go..

    Visa bulletins come and go..
    RFEs come and go..
    Priority Dates come and go..

    Bills come and go..
    Senators come and go..
    Presidents come and go..

    Even, Recessions come and go (happened only a few time in the last century)..


    Most of the immigrants come here but never go back.

    Enjoy your stay here and live the fullest and stay focused with your job / career. Coz that�s what keeps you going and I bet everyone here will get their green cards some day.

    PS: I am a EB3 applicant waiting in the line for GC(hoping to get it in the next decade).


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  • martinvisalaw
    07-16 01:22 PM
    My MTR was received by USCIS on June 25, 2009. Today I received an auto-generated email with case status update. My MTR has been denied :-(

    Any advice for the next steps is appreciated.

    What were you or the company applying for originally that was denied? More details please....

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  • reverendflash
    10-07 08:34 PM
    probably because they can't be altered unless you own Acrobat Writer, and also they print out easily on Mac, and PC...

    -from what I've seen,



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  • beautyelements
    04-12 03:19 PM

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  • sai
    03-27 07:22 PM
    here comes another BEC. ha ha ha ....never ending journey..


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  • nosightofgc
    09-30 03:04 PM
    For my spouse's EAD Application, we are seeing continuous LUDs but no message change. Messages till says "case recived and prending". Where as for my EAD application it says "card production ordered".

    What it could be? When do we need to contact USCIS on my spouse's EAD since it still says case received and pending?

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  • sathishav
    02-09 10:26 AM
    Isn't it strange that even though Eb3-I PD Mar 04 is not current, they opened the file and sent RFE?

    My PD is Mar 2005/EB3 and I was sent an RFE in Jul 2009 since my Birth certificate has initials and not the full name.

    I read somewhere, because of the backlog, they do review the cases and in some cases even "approve" them. Once the visa number is available, GC will be issued for these cases.


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  • Jennifer
    10-24 04:12 PM
    Hi guys,
    I understand that after getting your 45day letter your case will be in the BEC database and will be processed in order.

    Now I just saw people on this forum with PD Aug 2003 got approved 10/17.
    and I know a friend with pd oct 2003 got approved in April.

    Suppose that the guy got approved 10/17 was input to the system after the other luckier guy, the most conservative estimation is now pd Aug 2003 is being processed.

    Anybody heard of any later PD being approved recently? from DBEC?

    I'm just thinking, if we share the pd/approval information on this forum we'll have better estimates about our cases and have a somewhat less stressful life.


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  • rvendra
    10-30 12:31 PM
    You live in FL ?

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  • Overstay
    05-16 08:11 AM
    USCIS - Change of Address Information (

    Penalties for Failure to Comply

    A willful failure to give written notice to the USCIS of a change of address within 10 days of moving to the new address is a misdemeanor crime. If convicted, you (or parent or legal guardian of an alien under age 14 who is required to give notice) can be fined up to $200 or imprisoned up to 30 days, or both. The alien may also be subject to removal from the United States. (INA � 266(b)). Compliance with the requirement to notify the USCIS of any address changes is also a condition of your stay in the United States. Failure to comply could also jeopardize your ability to obtain a future visa or other immigration benefit.

    04-16 04:51 PM
    RFE - Request for evidence

    09-05 08:31 AM
    great. thanks for clarifying! I thought so as well.

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