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  • cox
    June 25th, 2005, 01:06 PM
    Yeah, the horizontal shot had no sky that wasn't gray - I took many. Also the left side of the bridge has some maintenance going on and looks awful (tarps & scaffolds). I'll work it over some more in PS. Thanks for the feedback :)

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  • gprx100
    07-19 06:45 PM
    Is the Labor approval considered same as PERM approval?

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  • santb1975
    04-02 04:59 PM
    I will join in

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  • imh1b
    11-23 11:31 AM
    The data is incorrect. There are a lot of applications not accounted for. See Ron's posts whee the lawyer has done analysis and said that.


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  • help43
    10-10 11:43 PM

    My H1-B got Accepted but I didnt recieved my I-94. I completed my masters here. There are no status issues. My OPT will expire on Dec 27.

    I applied for H1-B amendment under Premium processing but i got query of Company documents and 2004, 2005 paystubs.

    My employer answered them that employee is not there in the usa in those years. Below is the response from USCIS

    Current Status: Response to request for evidence received, and case processing has resumed.

    On October 09, 2008, we received your response to our request for evidence. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. You should expect to receive a written decision or written update within 60 days of the date we received your response unless fingerprint processing or an interview are standard parts of case processing and have not yet been completed, in which case you can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case is at our CALIFORNIA SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    Usually How many days it will take under premium processing? Because my OPT EXPIRES ON DEC 27.

    does any one got same query like me?

    If h1-b amendment got rejected then can i go to consulate with old I797B form which is with out i-94?

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  • Immigration4all
    12-12 08:31 PM
    You can register a PACER Account through Federal Court Website, then you will be able to search for other WOM cases in your district.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-05 04:00 PM
    I'm at the annual meeting of the American Immigration Lawyers Association here in Las Vegas. More than 10, 000 lawyers gathered here in Las Vegas to learn about the most recent updates from the Government directly.

    We just finished a session with the Department of Labor. Some of the key news is that more company audits are on the way. In fact, currently there are 200 cases pending in the audit line. They promised more audits as the icert system will become a standard in filing PERM, LCA and Prevailing wage requests.

    Also H2B cases now must prevailing wage requests directly with the Chicago DOL center. There is a slight delay in processing. They are currenlty working on PWD's filed on May 8th or before. Wea ll need to be patient.

    I will keep posting more updates as the day progresses. Next I am off to the USCIS open forum. More exciting news to report soon.

    More... (

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  • knowDOL
    05-30 10:57 PM
    Please use this thread. Someone who have authorization may close this thread as this topic is already covered under this thread.


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  • gc_hanged
    01-05 06:22 AM
    After The Fall: Making Sense Out Of Sensenbrenner by Gary Endelman (,0104-endelman.shtm#bio)

    Now we know how Tom Paine felt at Valley Forge. It has been a cold December for those who think immigration is good for America. On December 16th, the House of Representatives approved the Border Protection, Antiterrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005(H.R.4437), perhaps the most draconian bill of recent memory, and, a mere three days later, the House approved an agreement with the Senate on a comprehensive budget reconciliation package stripped bare of any pro-immigration provisions. While there is some satisfaction in the fact that the House did not get the higher L fees that it sought, this is cold comfort. Truth be told, it was a tough week, the worst in a long time, and the shock among pro-immigration circles, both on Capitol Hill and beyond, is palpable.
    Removal of Section 8001 from the Budget Reconciliation Conference Report can be a temporary setback if we play our cards right. Congressman Sensenbrenner has long and loudly proclaimed that he is not against all immigration, just the illegal variety. Fine. Let�s take him at his word. He is, after all, the architect of the new E-3 visa that enables 10,500 Australians to get around the H-1B cap. Congressman Sensenbrenner has his enforcement-only bill now so he should be prepared to support us when we seek to attach Section 8001 to broadly bipartisan legislation in the upcoming session of Congress. If Congressman Sensenbrenner means what he says, and he usually does, this might be a golden opportunity to bring Section 8001 back to life.
    Source: (

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  • die_exquisita
    07-07 04:42 AM
    Thanks for the reply!

    So the letter is just an employment continuation or verification letter and has nothing that states the spousal details or spouse's intention to accompany the H1 holder. I hope I got that right.

    Thanks again!


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  • Waitng4GC
    07-04 10:14 AM
    I was in similar situation during 2006. I applied for H1 1 year extension based on PERM approval. My LC was just 1 month old . Then premium processed my I-140, once I had my I-140, I then premium processed my H1 extension based on approved I-140. Finally got 3 year extension.
    Hope this helps.

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  • b2visahelp
    06-15 07:37 PM

    My parents' and 2 brothers' B2 visas got rejected yesterday. The VO didn't state the refusal reason. He didn't stamp anything on their passports. I got my GC through asylum, and will get married in Nov. 2009. I supplied a formal letter from my pastor about the wedding that it's real. And my parents stated that they are not bringing my youngest brother to the US because he has school. During the interview, the VO asked them about me. He knew that I got my GC through asylum. He asked if I work or go to school. My parents answered honestly that I'm currently working to support myself.

    My parents didn't show their bank account, certificate of properties and business because the VO didn't ask for it. Should they show them to VO eventhough he didn't ask to see it?

    Now, we're preparing to apply B2 visa for a second time. Here are my questions:
    1. When do you think they should apply for the visas again?
    2. What can I do to support the fact that they will definitely go back to their country? Should we write a letter stating the reasons why they won't immigrate to US?
    3. My parents are taking care of my elderly grandfather, 80 years old. Should they state this for a reason they'll come back, and also bring his photo?
    4. Will they get a better chance if they leave all of my 3 younger brothers at home? really want them to attend my wedding.

    Thanks a bunch for all of your advise!


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  • reachinus
    07-21 12:14 PM
    If the W-2 is for more than the LCA requirement, you don't have any thing to worry about.
    thanks for ur reply.

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  • luckylavs
    07-03 06:44 PM
    This is no news. Bilbray and his HIRC (founded by Tancredo) are engaging in tough talk and rhetoric knowing full well that Pelosi is not going to put CIR on House agenda.

    This is just tough talk with no plans or intention to act. Nothing to see here folks. Back to 485 issues.

    logiclife: any alternative way like having an interrim bill passed so that it will give temporary relief for all of us?


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  • dimpi
    12-23 11:33 AM
    its down until monday for maintenance (srew ups)

    sainta claus came and unplugged their systems as it was spitting too much junk.
    its mentioned on uscis home page under technical(screw up) alerts

    merry x-mas

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  • gcfriend65
    12-07 02:55 PM
    It seems people who applied for AP in TSC are getting their APs faster, compared to those who applied at NSC.

    Refer processing times at and search for "All other applicants for advance parole". Right now they are processing July 03, 2007 cases.


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  • Michigan123
    01-25 05:26 PM
    DMV has accepted EAD with Last name as LNU though the passport do not have any surname . They have issue DL with LNU. Life is moving on.

    When I checked with My lawyer about "How to correct at 485 filing" . My lawyer belongs to one of the big corporate lawyer firm (USABAL)
    1) correct the name at password . we can send the passport for name split .
    if you do not have this isse then ignore
    2) Wait for GC CARD
    3) File some kind of form to get the replacement card --(we need to attach some proof with form) . Lawyer is going to file for us.

    For now just waiting ...

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  • Blog Feeds
    12-18 09:50 AM
    Dallas-Fort Worth Immigration Lawyer Has Just Posted the Following:
    Individuals who apply for a non-immigrant visa must be admissible to enter the United States. Inadmissible grounds to deny entry into the U.S. include, but not limited to the following:

    Communicable disease;
    Criminal record involving crimes of moral turpitude;
    Possession of or trafficking in a controlled substance;
    Trafficking persons;
    Involved in money laundering;
    Previously removed (deported) or previously overstayed a period of admission to the U.S.

    If a non-immigrant visa holder subsequently becomes inadmissible and thus ineligible to enter the United States, depending on the inadmissibility ground, the visa holder may apply in advance of travel for a temporary waiver of inadmissibility. The waiver application is applied directly to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) prior to travel. Along with the signed Form I-192, Application for Advance Permission to Enter as Nonimmigrant, the applicant must submit the filing fee of $545, an official police record from country of nationality, proof of citizenship, and supporting documentation regarding the inadmissibility showing rehabilitation and character reformation. For questions concerning eligibility of the temporary waiver application, or any other area of immigration, call Kraft & Associates at 214-999-9999.

    More... (

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  • idea_sena
    01-29 07:59 PM
    I have a green card and I'm thinking about living 50/50 in US and my home country Slovakia.

    I've had GC for about 6 years and been living quite a travelling life spending more time outside US then in. Its also about 50/50 with trips always around 10mo in or out.My continuous residency is broken.

    Do you think that if i live 50/50 in and out for five years they will give me citizenship with such history?

    Got GC after Mom.

    Thank you very much for effort. It will help a lot in deciding where my life will go from here.

    03-29 04:44 PM
    Search for the memo 245i

    If you have worked illegally for < 6months you may be covered by this..if its > 6 months.. go out of the country and come back in with a new i94..

    Contact a good lawyer while filing 485

    05-12 01:17 PM
    I have renewed my DL in VA while my H1B was pending last year (Oct 07) . All you need is your H1-B application receipt and they will extend it by 1 Year.

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