Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • hiralal
    05-04 12:01 PM
    I agree ..I wonder what kind of effect will swine flu have certainly gives the anti-immigrants a huge advantage (as predicted by pat buchanan) ...

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  • Kevin Sadler
    August 9th, 2005, 03:20 PM
    hi jason. if you post a couple here it will be a lot easier to put the critique with the picture so we don't have to go back and forth to different sites. it also allows others to see the pix and critiques together. hope that works for you. later, kevin

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-22 10:10 AM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following:

    What is the deal with Senator Ensign? He cheated on his wife? Don't all politicians do that? (The answer is no, not all politicians do that). So, what is the a big deal? Let me tell you--Because Senator Ensign is a HYPOCRITE! Senator Ensign received a 100% rating ( every anti-immigration group ( there for his stance against immigration reform ( for his opposition to giving "amnesty" to "illegals."

    While adultery is not illegal in Nevada (its not, I checked), I would daresay that if Americans were asked this question--"Do you forgive Adulterous, Cheating Senators, OR Undocumented Immigrants seeking a better life for them and their familes," that resoundingly Americans would say--Dump the Senator and pass Immigration Reform. But wait, Americans are already saying that.

    So, Senator Ensign, good for you, you did not break the law in Nevada by committing adultery and cheating on your wife. However, you have sacrificed the "moral high ground" you may have thought you once had. And while your wife is apparently is willing to forgive you, frankly, I doubt anyone else is. So, if by some magic you manage to retain your seat in the Senate, perhaps the next time you are ready to cast aspersions on an entire group of people seeking a better life for themselves, you might want to take that beam out of your own eye first!

    More... (

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  • MCQ
    09-11 04:40 PM
    not necessarily true - for example if you get a B1 or B2 that's valid for 10 years - most likely it will exceed the validity of your passport. in that case when you renew your passport , in order to keepo using the Visa - you need to carry both the old and the new passports. H1B is the same, although for shorter duration (usually 3 years) so the issue does not come up as often. bbut of the visa is unexpired, and the passport is expired you would carry both passports to come in on the visa.

    hope that helps.


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  • greendream
    12-14 03:45 PM

    Could anyone please suggest me a few consulting companies who can sponsor H1B visa? I am trying to bring my friend who is in India working for an automotive OEM. He was in Michigan for a while and he went back to India and it�s been almost more than 7 years since he left but now he wants to come back to Michigan.

    If anyone knows any consultants in Michigan would be perfect since I already have a job lined up (verbally) through my contacts but I am not successful finding an employer who can sponsor H1B for him.

    Thank you very much,

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  • eb3retro
    01-29 12:28 PM
    Not been following the dates these days. Would be nice to have this info..

    1) How much time does it take for the EAD application to get processed (Texas Service center) for new EAD (not an extn)?

    2) How much time does it take for the AP extension to get processed (TSC) if I were to apply for an extension of my old AP today?

    Thanks all for your inputs.


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  • gc_vsc
    01-27 04:38 PM
    Many listen to NPR radio . did something on NPR during 1999-2000

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  • meetpravee
    03-31 11:50 PM
    Thanks wandmaker.. Could you please point me to the link/any information related to the documents my parents need if I am inviting them. Any information on things they need for visa interview is much appreciated.


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  • vnsriv
    10-03 03:42 PM
    lets do this. been a while.

    let the brickbats rain from those who want me to go to vatica and eat thali :D

    What's need of creating such kind of thread . It is just wastage of time.:mad:

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  • a1b2c3
    03-14 08:01 PM
    My father passed away recently and my mother wishes to travel with my wife and I on a visitor visa.

    How can she apply for 10 year multiple entry visa? Can she return after the visa expires, after a month? Any experiences anyone can share? Are there any reasons why some visas get denied?

    My wife and I are permanent residents and we want to know whether this is of any advantage/disadvantage.

    Any pointers/info/help are much appreciated. I looked through the relevant IV threads and yes, they are informative but rules change all the time and I decided to just go ahead and post this thread to get the latest feedback.


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  • STAmisha
    06-20 02:45 PM
    Gurus , please reply

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  • lkapildev
    01-16 02:28 AM
    My PD is not in this range. Mine is July-2001 kind of >= 2002.

    I have seen an ALIA observation on EB2 Retro. Trying to figureout how soon these Visa #'s for EB2 catagory is vanished. I will have an analysis from this will post here.

    This polls just captures two recent retors one for Jan & Other for Feb. I just pulled EB-2 dates from VB and thrown a random survey.


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  • gcpool
    11-25 06:15 PM
    I can understand if someone is calling too many times. Looks like the USCIS computers are also feeling fed up. :p

    Check the message I got when I was trying to see the details of my case online

    "It was reported to us that your IP address or internet gateway has been locked out for a select period of time. This is due to an unusually high rate of use. In order to avoid this issue, please create a Customer account (single applicant) or a Representative account (representing many individuals)."

    I am logging in after many days and I was checking it for the first time today

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  • GetGC08
    09-17 12:51 PM

    I got RFE on I-140 for EB2 India.
    Following are the details of RFE.
    Item 1.) provide list of receipt numbers of all petitions filled by company in 2007.
    Item 2.) Provide proffered wage of each beneficiary & evidence of any wages paid to those beneficiaries.
    Item 3.) My W2 for 2007.
    Item 4.) Provide evidence of companies ability to pay(A2P) each beneficiaryincluding those who have already been approved. Such evidence must include companies federal tax return, audited financial statements or annual reports.

    Item 5.) degree evaluation. (I am holding masters in computer science degree from India. Total 6 years of education after school. 12 + 3 years BS in Computers + 3 Years MCA = 18)

    Following are the Labor(PERM) details:
    1. labor has been approved.
    2. Mentioned Masters degree required in computer science.
    3. Foreign degree is acceptable.
    4. 18 months of experience required.(I already have 18 months of experience when I filled labor)
    5. Alternate is not acceptable e.g. BS + 5 years.

    Following will be submitted.
    1. I submitted my 2007 W2 with latest paystub which includes year to date details.(for Item# 3)
    2. Degree evaluation.(for Item# 5)
    3. I am going to provide companies federal tax return & audited financial statements for RFE item numbers 1,2 & 4(As mentied above)

    My question, is it sufficient to provide companies federal tax return & audited financial statements for RFE item number 1,2 & 4(As mentioned above) ?

    Company details:
    Morethan 120 employees & $24 million turn over in 2007.

    How serious this RFE is?
    I will really appreciate your response.



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  • micofrost
    07-10 08:29 PM
    If you have a job, getting a work permit will take only 4 hrs inside the consulate. No line. Give the passport and come back within 4 hrs to collect it.
    No labor certification for computer(s/w for sure, dunno about h/w side for sure) professionals or petition. Need to show offer letter from the company and letter from company to the consulate.

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  • GotFreedom?
    03-14 11:56 AM
    I responded to RFEs isuued to me on March 3rd 2009 which they received on March 4th 2009 and since then I also have LUDs almost everyday from March 4th 2009 until March 12th 2009. In my opinion, I don't think it really means anything. They could just be sorting out cases and issuing RFEs to every case that has paperwork missing or insufficient.


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  • rdx0
    01-09 06:37 PM

    I am in a unique situation, any advise/help would be appreciated.

    My H1 Visa and I-94 are expiring on Jan 20, 2009. It can be extended till Apr 2011 as I have been in US only for 3 Yrs and 8 Months. My current employer is not extending my Visa, so I am going to get it extended through another company, say COMPANY ABC (a Staffing company basically).

    However, I don't want to be with Company ABC because I am soon going to get a job with a direct client, CLIENT XYZ, but that won't happen until Jan 25th or so.

    So my question is, if I apply for extension through COMPANY ABC for now, just so that I don't go 'out of status' on Jan 20th, will CLIENT XYZ be able to apply for my extension on Jan 25th, while my application with Company ABC is still pending? Or they (CLIENT XYZ) will have to wait until my first application (With COMPANY ABC) is processed?

    Basically, just want to know if a Company ABC has filed for H1 Transfer and I-94 extension before the expiry date, can another Company XYZ file for an extension/transfer after the expiry while the application from company ABC is still being processed?

    Any help is appreciated. I have posted this query on couple of other posts but no one seems to know the answer! no one replied yet :(

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  • nursekm
    08-13 01:36 AM
    I traveled to Canada and back. The CBP-US stamped both my AP. Can I use the stamped AP for travel?

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  • Dhundhun
    05-03 10:44 PM
    Every employer does not do it. My employer does not do that.

    Keeping H1 also has some advantages.
    ... If I485 is rejected
    ... Freedom to travel, heard that AP is just for emergency travel (at least intent)

    12-04 08:04 PM

    I am currently working on OPT. My company has just applied for my H1B visa. Assuming it gets approved in 2-3 months time (i.e. in March), when can i have it stamped? Can i go back to my home country to get it stamped in April or will i have to wait till 1st Oct 2011 to get it stamped?

    05-20 12:46 AM
    There was a report on Mathew Oh's site that
    some people travelled in 2008 got a messed up I-94
    forms( printing bug). So whoever travelled in 2008
    may want to have a very good look at their I-94 and
    correct it if needed.


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