Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • baryon
    Nov 11, 09:54 AM
    It would be great if Final Cut Pro got updated. At the moment, Adobe Premiere Pro is quite a lot better and has a more modern interface, which is kind of strange, as FCP is the industry standard.

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  • Pooshka
    Oct 9, 08:51 PM
    Wait a sec, so it's gonna be $3 for each major update???

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  • pmasters
    Nov 11, 12:53 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

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  • Doctor Q
    Apr 28, 07:46 PM
    One of the patents:
    Mobile telephone capable of displaying world time and method for controlling the same

    An apparatus and method for calculating and displaying local time for a plurality of cities in the world. The apparatus includes a memory for storing Greenwich mean time (GMT) information for each of the plurality of cities. The apparatus sets a reference time and counts the time that elapses from when the reference time is set. The apparatus calculates a local time of a city selected by a user, which is based on a difference between the GMT of the selected city and the GMT of a present location of the apparatus, the reference time and the counted elapsed time. The reference time may be either a time set by the user or a system time acquired from a signal generated from a remote system.
    How can companies get patents for such trivial algorithms???


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  • jdminpdx
    Mar 8, 11:28 AM
    You missed a 27 page thread of non stop flaming. It was quite a good read.

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  • arkitect
    Apr 15, 02:38 AM
    iniquitous obnoxious gays and lesbians.

    Well, hell's bells, Mr CaoCao, tell us how you really feel about us.


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  • rammie2
    Oct 2, 06:23 PM

    What I need is a .exe script just like webshots, which I can chance to my own wishes,
    Does anyone knows where to find this????

    If this is not the correct forum, please tell me.


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  • eddiexhart
    Mar 11, 11:15 AM
    Anybody planning on going to this one?

    239 Los Cerritos Center
    Cerritos, CA 90703

    I'm about to head out and wait, hopefully the first one!


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  • angrylawyer
    Mar 25, 02:42 PM
    I don't understand why the maps app doesn't take your location twice before giving you directions. There's been dozens of times I'm on the highway looking for directions and it thinks I'm on the other side of the highway or it thinks I'm on some street I just passed over.

    If it took my location, waited a second, and took my location again it would know exactly which direction I was headed or which street I was on.

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  • coder12
    Apr 25, 12:11 AM
    A disgrace on so many levels.

    Disgrace has never been so beautiful.:p


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  • OSMac
    Apr 8, 07:40 AM
    Tempest ok for .99

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  • jaison13
    Mar 31, 12:32 PM

    that stuff doesn't look professional to you? by the way, after you're done sketching on the ipad you can transfer it to your computer to refine it!!


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  • Plymouthbreezer
    Mar 8, 03:09 PM
    Hey everyone, is a website/forum for all Mac users! It's a great site, and we're not too big yet, but we're looking to grow. We "need" more members to make the forums more active, so if you have some free time and feel like checkin it out, don't be afraid to register and make some posts!

    Ryan, a.k.a Plymouthbreezer :)

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  • mkrishnan
    Dec 25, 08:49 PM
    Relax...if it's a new battery it may take a little while to settle down. Also sometimes they come out higher than the rated capacity, just because of manufacturing tolerances....


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  • LethalWolfe
    Nov 12, 10:55 AM
    Just out of interest what do the other 10% use?
    I'd assume the 'other' category would be a mix of Lightworks, Media100, Premiere Pro and maybe even Sony Vegas. Mizzurah posted a link to the most recent version of the survey I was trying to recall and it has Avid at 76%, FCP at just under 20% and 'other' w/just under 5%.


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  • Mr. Gates
    Mar 23, 10:34 AM


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  • mw360
    Apr 29, 04:59 AM
    Patents like this are so annoying,069,055.PN.&OS=PN/7,069,055&RS=PN/7,069,055

    So basically Samsung has patented: A clock with multiple time zones in a mobile phone.

    How on Earth is a patent like that supposed to promote innovation?
    (the original reason we got the patent system back some centuries ago)

    Also, this one just makes me want to tear my hair out,009,626.PN.&OS=PN/7,009,626&RS=PN/7,009,626

    Apple will surely manage this, but what about the independent developer with no huge pile of cash to throw at some lawyers? THAT is the problem here.. :(

    Are there any cases of giant companies suing indies for patent infringement? I realise it often happens the other way around, but I can't recall a case where some poor indie is muscled out of business via a patent. It just doesn't seem worth it.

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  • Night Spring
    Apr 17, 03:05 PM
    How are you trying to add apps/music, and what happens when you try? Please post any error messages you get, etc.

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  • techfreak85
    Jan 1, 10:17 PM
    It is a MacBook Pro i7 it stays on 24/7 and always sits on my desk I rarely transport it anywhere. So leaving the application running won't be a problem
    Ok... as for additional parameters, type
    -smp 2 -advmethods

    Make sure you set up your passkey. After completing 10 units with it, you should start getting bonus points.

    Sep 24, 03:28 PM
    Let's say the girl is almost 18, but they're in the same grade (seniors in high school).

    Apr 22, 03:25 AM
    iOS for iphone is an exclusive smartphone OS. Or are you telling me that ipod touch and ipad run the same exact OS?

    Laptops and desktops run the same exact OS. There are no apps that are made specifically for a laptop or desktop. There are iphone apps that wont run on an ipod touch. There are ipad apps that wont run on an ipod touch or an iphone. If they were the same OS then that wouldnt happen.

    Because it's common sense.

    Swing and a miss on all counts.

    It's all iOS. Unless you're saying that xp home and xp professional and win 7 home and win 7 professional should all be counted separately.

    And let's not even get into the absolute mess that your arbitrary definition would turn android into.

    Apr 17, 05:46 PM
    That's funny, because the ice team I started playing with (all straight guys except for me) recently kicked a guy off the team for using the F word repeatedly, and that was before I joined. I don't feel the need to use slurs when I play, and neither do they. They think it's cheap, immature and they won't tolerate it.

    That's actually very surprising (in a good way). People usually aren't as sensitive to that word as they are with the N word, especially straight people.

    May 4, 05:16 PM
    So, what do you call, and how do we handle the individual(s)who planned, and helped to plan the death of 3,000 + individuals on 9/11, the bombing of the U.S.S. Cole, the Bali nightclub bombings, and who knows how many more acts of terrorism?
    Terrorism doesn't require torture to combat it one iota. Just las with any form justice. You are completely off track.

    Apr 24, 11:50 PM
    Run bootcamp assistant again, and it will let you delete the other partition.

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