Saturday, June 25, 2011

raiden wallpaper

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  • eilsoe
    10-02 03:57 PM
    It takes about 2 minutes to make those blobs... so, credit isn't REALLY that important with these blobs...

    But yes, give credit where it belongs. :)

    That's what i do too...

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  • desi3933
    06-02 04:27 PM
    I'm sorry -- I didn't follow. Can I use the H1-B which has been extended for 3 yrs since my 140 was approved already for a yr and the visa numbers weren't current? (I've already used up by 6 yrs)


    You new employer can file for H-1B change of status for (upto) 3 years since you have I-140 approved and your PD is not current. The fact, that I-140 was applied by current (or ex) employer, does not matter.

    Hope it helps.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • sledge_hammer
    06-29 09:56 AM
    Please take this new poll based on your latest situation.


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  • gcgonewild
    03-10 03:24 PM
    It's been the case for about 2 weeks with NJ.


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  • smartboy75
    10-01 06:11 PM
    Anybody ..any replies ??

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  • richana
    12-03 12:11 PM
    This is great news


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  • maru
    09-12 04:51 PM
    same situation...

    sent to USCIS Texas on June 29, received on JUly 2nd at 10:25 AM. no receipts and no checks cashed yet. the USCIS receipting notice Texas said that they have finished receipting July 2 appl. what happened to our appl then?
    pls anyone who filed july 2 at texas and with the same info who got their cks cashed and receipts rec, kindly share here. tnx!

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  • man-woman-and-gc
    01-18 01:15 PM
    The USCIS procedures do not follow any logic....all of you need to join the Letter Campaign started by IV if you have not already.

    That is the only ray of hope that I can see for now.


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  • bitu72
    01-10 11:25 AM
    threat of losing your job is very every prediction says its going to be more bad..

    i come here every hr to see any updates or news... but dont write as not sure what effect can we make..obama is more pressed with economic recovery and more immigrants are not what they want..but still i am optimistic with S9 bill intoduced

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  • amitjoey
    07-15 04:56 PM
    We were successful in getting good media coverage with flower campaign. Our San Jose rally is getting good regional coverage. Yes, we haven't had the expected success with national media yet but we are gaining traction at an amazing pace.

    This is not a big corporation with some PR dept. that is working with hundred of employees writing press releases et al. Volunteers like you and me have to take on that action item if you want to see results otherwise please continue on with your discussion

    That is absolutely right, it is our job to write to reporters and call them, if we want good publicity. Please digg, write to reporters, do not just wait on the sidelines and see if we have gotten any coverage. We wont get any by just being on the forums discussing.

    On a second note, gsc999 worked very hard organising the San Jose rally, and personally I saw a lot of dedication on his part and some other members. People came upto him and asked him to arrange another rally next week. He answered it very well. Why dont people take ownership and organise things on their own, rather than just giving out suggestions and expecting other people to do the tough work.

    augustus, you are right when you ask "why are the bigwigs media outlets not reporting this event?", inspite of us sending so many emails. The anwer is, it is just a few like you, who have sent emails. Most of the people have not sent any emails, or talked to any reporters.


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  • anilsal
    12-18 09:03 PM
    We were so close to getting the SKIL bill cleared..........

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  • sparky_jones
    09-30 05:55 PM
    I am currently with a company through which I filed my I-485. The filing was done by the company laywer. If I invoke AC21 after 180 days of filing and change to a different company, how would I ensure that USCIS removes the current lawyer as the attorney of record? This is assuming that I want to represent myself and not use a lawyer after switching to a new company.


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  • eb3_nepa
    05-02 04:07 PM
    At this rate Aman is soon gonna become a Senator or a Congressman :) ;)

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  • GCKaMaara
    04-07 04:52 PM
    I am planning to go on a Hawaii cruise on the Norwegian Cruise line ship (Pride of America) which is registered in the US. My H1-B visa has expired but my I-94 is valid. The Cruise ship only visits islands in Hawaii and embarks/disembarks in Hawaii.

    Do I need to worry about my visa stamping or just the Passport with valid I-94 and drivers license should suffice?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Call me stupid but I thought Hawaii is part of US only.


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  • yabadaba
    07-17 07:06 PM

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  • karn.anand
    11-04 01:06 AM
    there is one more button i have posted that is not listed..


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  • Nw2GC
    05-07 08:32 PM
    I will be submitting my paper work soon!

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  • sircaustic
    07-24 08:49 AM
    so should I be answering "Yes" to all three questions? No sure if that would be correct though...

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  • GC_Q
    05-05 06:16 PM
    If you need any kind of corrections to your I-94, please visit your local CBP office. Website is On this website search for Deferred Inspection locations and visit the nearest one.

    CBP officer will give you new I-94 with the corrected name, I-94 validity date, DOB, class of admission etc...


    09-23 10:15 AM
    I don't get it - where are the rest of the 2468 members?

    Can we send out a blast (through Pappu) to everyone on this forum?

    Our need will be felt much more strongly is ALL of us participate - right guys? I'm kind of shocked that the number is only 32!!!!

    Those are the people who don't deserve GC!

    05-05 04:38 PM
    You mean , if we renew our EAD will they will give for 2 Years?? confused..


    They might Pal.

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