Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • Eduardo1971
    Apr 13, 11:21 AM
    Is your iPhone set up as a brand new phone or restored from an old backup?
    Because it definitely seems like iPhones (all models) slow down once they have a pretty long "history".

    My iPhone 4 is restored from the ashes of my iPhone 3G s (may it rest in peace).

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  • wolfenkraft
    Feb 15, 10:35 AM
    Apparently my family plan is too small to qualify. My wife and I combined are $160/month, but we're on the lowest voice plan for families. Gotta step up one more level before we qualify but we don't use our minutes as is.

    Pretty lame promo.

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  • Kyffin
    Apr 7, 12:36 PM
    Bristol Fighter, yaeh!

    You can have it up to 1000 bhp and still take it down the shops. If I can get one before middle age it'll be in orange, otherwise I'll have it in grey (a la Porsche Sport Classic)

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  • Chase R
    Dec 6, 05:24 PM
    Here is my imac and ipad wallpapers

    Mind posting the source to that black 'n blue Apple-logo one?

    Looks shweet :cool:


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  • untypoed
    Apr 1, 04:50 PM
    The Post Your Mac Set-up thread has all the links to the previous threads.. How about we do the same for here? Just incase you want it. It's interesting to see the desktops throughout the years. I'm such a geek.

    Feb 2002 (
    March 2002 (
    April 2002 (
    April 2002 - May 2002 (
    June 2002 (
    July 2002 (
    August 2002 (
    September 2002 (
    October 2002 (
    Late November 2002/ early December 2002 (
    January 2003 (
    February 2003 (
    December 2002/January 2003 (
    April 2003 (
    May 2003 (
    June 2003 (
    July 2003 (
    August 2003 (
    September 2003 (
    October 2003 (
    November 2003 (
    January 2004 (
    April 2004 (
    May 2004 (
    June 2004 (
    July 2004 (
    August 2004 (
    September 2004 (
    October 2004 (
    November 2004 (
    December 2004 (
    January 2005 (
    February 2005 (
    March 2005 (
    April 2005 (
    May 2005 (
    June 2005 (
    July 2005 (
    August 2005 (
    September 2005 (
    October 2005 (
    November 2005 (
    December 2005 (
    January 2006 (
    February 2006 (
    March 2006 (
    April 2006 (
    May 2006 (
    June 2006 (
    July 2006 (
    August 2006 (
    September 2006 (
    October 2006 (
    November 2006 (
    December 2006 (
    January 2007 (
    February 2007 (
    March 2007 (
    April 2007 (
    May 2007 (
    June 2007 (
    July 2007 (
    August 2007 (
    September 2007 (
    October 2007 (
    November 2007 (
    December 2007 (
    January 2008 (
    February 2008 (
    March 2008 (
    April 2008 (
    May 2008 (
    June 2008 (
    July 2008 (
    August 2008 (
    September 2008 (
    October 2008 (
    November 2008 (
    December 2008 (
    January 2009 (
    February 2009 (
    March 2009 (
    April 2009 (
    May 2009 (
    June 2009 (
    July 2009 (
    August 2009 (
    September 2009 (
    October 2009 (
    November 2009 (
    December 2009 (
    January 2010 (
    February 2010 (
    March 2010 (
    April 2010 (
    May 2010 (
    June 2010 (
    July 2010 (
    August 2010 (
    September 2010 (
    October 2010 (
    November 2010 (
    December 2010 (
    January 2011 (
    February 2011 (
    March 2011 (

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  • maya
    Jan 12, 02:30 AM
    Open Safari--->Preferences--->General-->drop down menu default browser and choose. :)


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  • Reefbone
    Mar 1, 01:34 PM
    Agreed. This doesn't sound correct. I have a corporate discount and added the feature. I still have the discount.

    When this initially was announced and after holding for a long time while the rep checked, ATT told me verbally that the dicounted $29.95/450 min plan would go to regular $39.95 regular price if I wanted the unlimited mobile to mobile with unlimited texting but it in fact wasn't the case. I was able to do it online. The first day or so of the promotion the site was giving me an error whenI tried to make the change but I was able to do it on day 2 or 3. I verified earlier today that my discount rate was still in tact and I had the unLim Mob to Mob.

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  • three
    Feb 16, 02:56 AM
    Honestly don't know why the image quality is poor. (


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  • ECUpirate44
    May 6, 12:23 PM
    Click store, then available downloads.

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  • Joe Bannon
    Feb 20, 10:22 PM
    It's good, got my first one last week. It does get hot, really hot, but it's best interface I have ever heard. Going to add some heat sinks to the chips, that will help. Perfect timing with Pro Tools 9.


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  • alphaone
    Mar 13, 04:47 AM
    Yeah I'm running 6.34/a5. If it happens again then I will definitely look into it deeper, but I think it may have been just bad luck.

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  • bigpics
    Mar 31, 01:46 PM
    As a professional photographer this thing is (and always will be) an "App Store" toy - nothing more.

    The iPad will never have the horse power to do what pros need.A number of the comments here ("toy," "will never do X") are more than a bit reminiscent of what many reviewers were saying in 1984 - about the Mac.

    9" 512x342 monochrome pixel display. 128 KB RAM. 8 MHZ Moto CPU. 16 bit. (Note that's "KB" - not MB, let alone GB - and "MHZ" not GHZ.) No HDD or on-board storage of any kind other than its 64K of ROM. The OS, apps and files shared the use of a single 400 K mini-floppy disk. Two non-standard serial ports. The original keyboard lacked arrow and function keys, and had no numeric keypad, enraging some potential users. And it went to market with fewer native apps than the Xoom.

    And if you go back and look at MacWrite and MacPaint and compare them to where that "toy computer" and its apps are today (along with all the Windows computers which, uhhh, adopted its basic interface and input metaphor), and what it does.......

    ...i.e., all the types of tasks people here are saying can only be done on its current iterations, and "never" on the new toy...

    ...all the while (albeit with a hiatus in its middle years) remaining under the firm control of the same visionary leader someone here has labeled a "charlatan" and "aesthete"....

    ...and I've enjoyed watching it all happen while the naysayers have foamed at the mouth and gnashed their teeth at each and every new Apple release - even as Macs now hold an amazing 90% share of the premium (i.e., money-making part of) the PC market. Some toy.

    And lest some of you have forgotten, some program called... ...what was it, oh yeah, "Photoshop"... ...was originally released on this "hopeless" platform. (As were Pagemaker, Illustrator and QuarkExpress, e.g.)

    We're four years into iDevices and only ONE year into the iPad era. The New Yorker had a cover created on an original iPhone within months of its release. A somewhat major artist released a video on YouTube produced on an iPad 2 with iMovie and GarageBand within a day or two of its release.

    What will these device classes (and their successor innovations) be capable of in 3 years? 5? 10? 30?

    Perspective, people. Vision, hope, creativity, engineering, a willingness to jump off (calculated) new cliffs - and perspective.

    Some'a y'all oughta' go develop some.


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  • It's a tribute
    Oct 3, 07:05 PM
    Last one, going on holiday/language course to Thailand. (

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  • JasperJanssen
    Apr 7, 02:34 PM
    I get the same error when running TU 4.30.03 and 4.30.05, but *not* when running 4.30.04. Does anyone know what error 16 means?


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  • Cybernanga
    Nov 3, 07:55 PM
    Cocoa Gestures�

    Single biggest timesaver/hand movement reducer I have ever installed on a computer, period (and I've been using 'em since the before there was a Mac).

    Just curious, what kind of computer were you using before 1984?

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  • steve2112
    Jan 10, 04:43 PM
    Volkswagen has taken a new direction with the design of their Passat.

    Whereas most automakers are putting more thought into bringing more and better small cars to the market these days, Volkswagen is making their new Passat bigger and a lot cheaper. (

    The engine choices remain good, especially the rare diesel option, but how are they going to shave $7000 off the base price of the Passat AND make it larger without turning it into just another Camry/Malibu/Taurus/Impala/Accord soulless bore-fest McSedan?

    Volkswagen's following in the US is built on buyers looking for a more European-flavored car. Volkswagen, however, now seem intent on making their lineup more "American". This seems sure to alienate Volkswagen's core buyers in the US.

    Sadly, that is exactly what they are doing. Have you seen the new US market Jetta? They stripped out a lot of the options that used to be standard, lowered the quality of the interior, and made a lot of other cuts in order to lower the price. That "under $16k" price they brag about has the ancient and underpowered 2.0L naturally aspirated four (used to be the 2.5L 5), a solid rear axle (used to be independent rear suspension), and rear drum brakes.

    VW figured out that bigger sells better in the mid-size four door sedan market, so they bumped it up. They decontented a bit, and they also moved production to the US ( I guess VW has decided to move from "affordable German luxury" back to "The people's car".


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  • sangosimo
    Sep 12, 01:17 AM

    pretty simple setup.

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  • rmhop81
    Jan 6, 10:02 PM
    From my parents;
    Red Wii & and Donkey Kong Country
    Some paint and canvas
    Couple hundred in cash

    From my GF;
    Pair of Puma shoes
    AE Jacket
    Abercrombie Sweatpaints
    Halo Reach
    All 4 seasons of Futurama
    A really cool ostrich case for my iPhone 4
    $50 Gamestop card for both of us from her aunt

    What I got my GF;
    iPhone 4 from my parents and coach keychain
    2 Remetee shirts
    a Sinful shirt
    Coach purse
    Hollster pants, sweeter shirt
    Family guy movie and seasons 1 & 2
    Victoria Secret bra and panties and some lingerie(More for me then her ;))
    New dressy sandals

    Her dad and step mom got us one of those fancy single cup coffee makers
    good example of how xmas has gotten out of control

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  • soosy
    Nov 29, 01:44 PM
    I'd be fine if they limit the number of iPods they can be viewed on, if they allow DVD burning... and add extras, scene selection, etc.


    Why is it when I buy a table or chair I can do whatever the heck I want with it, but when I buy something digital, like a DVD or Software, I'm suddenly only "licensing" the friggin thing and have all sorts of dumb restrictions. Expecting me to buy the same movie twice just so I can put it on my iPod is insanity.

    Aug 6, 09:34 AM

    Mar 9, 03:32 PM
    I'll be headin there once I get out of class at noon-ish xD hope to see you guys there!

    (I thought about going to Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart or whatever, but, as they're all releasing them at the same time, might as well be where the fanfare is.)

    Feb 9, 02:08 PM
    so this is only unlimited "to" any mobile, what about "From"

    Hope they do this on verizon as well. Is it unlimited calling TO and FROM cell phones?

    I'm suspicious of the TO any mobile. Does it differentiate incoming from outgoing?

    From the press release (

    **Mobile to Any Mobile Calling - Available only with select Nation and FamilyTalk plans. Direct calls to & direct calls received from US mobile numbers only. Rollover Minutes: Unused Anytime Mins expire after the 12th billing period. Night & Weekend & Mobile to Mobile mins do not roll over.

    Sep 27, 11:58 AM

    You don't have to pay $100/year for DotMac.

    I posted a tutorial here on how to save 20% to 50% on DotMac:

    Cool if you have it already I guess. I could never find the value in the $99 for a .Mac account tho...

    email? There are plenty of free email options avalible. Storage? It's nifty but really only if you have a fast internet connection (otherwise I think it'd be smarter to spend that $99 toward a flash card or something). Virus protection? Useful perhaps, what with all the viruses on Macs now-a-days.

    Dec 17, 11:10 AM
    Officially sold!

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