Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • iwantmygreen
    04-22 07:36 PM
    USCIS denied my and my family's 485 based on withdrawl of old pending 140.

    How did you come to know about your denial. Did they send a denial notice after you applied for EAD. Was there any status change on the USCIS website after your 140 was revoked by employer.

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  • alkg
    11-05 10:19 AM
    I am in the same Boat. I am 2nd JUly filerfor I 485/EAD/AP and I have not received AP yet. My H4 has expired and need to go India.


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  • H1B-GC
    02-09 01:49 PM
    This Stupid lame Duck talks of only increase of H1B's. Rarely or never talks abt removing GC quota.Then if congress really listens to him,its gonna take 6 years just to get Prewailing Wage From DOL.:mad:

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  • samrat_bhargava_vihari
    01-22 04:12 PM
    I don't think there is any grace period. One of my friend did the same way and he went to delhi for stamping every thing was fine for him. Check with your lawer and make sure you have all the documents for stamping.


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  • locomotive36
    01-11 03:25 PM

    My H1B extension is pending with the VSC. I want to upgrade my H1B extension to a premium process by paying 1000 USD.

    Now, my question is - Can I do it myself thru efile or regular way using form I-907? Or should it be done only thru the employer or attorney?

    I am asking this because my attorney is charging a ridiculous attorney fees of 250 USD on top of 1000 USD for upgrading my case to a premium!

    Please help.


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  • BhaskarEB
    09-13 06:39 PM
    I have completed 3.5 years of my H1B and am looking at the possibility of applying for GC either under EB2/3.
    After my 12th, I did a 2 year Diploma in Business from Australia and then did a 2 year MA(History) in correspondence (open uni) from India and also a 1 year PGDCA by correspondence.
    I have more than 10 years of IT experience to go with my 12+2(fulltime)+3(correspondence)years of education.

    Please advice if I qualify for EB2 and if so will there be any issues ?
    Please advice if I qualify for EB3 and if so will there be any issues ?


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  • viz
    02-01 10:29 PM
    I am wondering about exact same thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    07-09 06:51 PM
    Hello everybody,
    First of all I must appologize because I mentioned this in the forum before but that was a different question that I asked.

    My wife's Labor lists a 4 year degree with a BS in Mechanical Engineering as a requirement.
    We filed I-140 with her old H1B evaluation which says she has a 4 year degree in Civil Engineering (stupid me :mad: ).
    I found another evaluator who looked closely and gave us an evaluation for BS in Mechanical Engineering because her degree is way closer to the Mechanical than it is to the Civil Eng.

    Will USCIS reject this I-140 on the spot based on the fact that she doesn't meet the requirements or issue an RFE ? If they issue an RFE and we send the Mechanical Eng. evaluation, will the fact that we filed first with the Civil Eng evaluation cause any problems ? Are we assuming the worst and is not such a big deal ??

    She worked on H1B for 7 years as a Mech Eng and this is NOT a labour substitution.

    Thanks for any help !



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  • arnet
    09-18 05:55 PM
    I know we are pouring our ideas in different threads including one who supports our cause like name/news of senators/rep with grades, companies (employers), univ, associations, news reporters, talk show host, media, etc.

    So I thought of creating this thread just to compile list of one who support the bill (or) one who we can convince our cause to support us, etc. This will definetly help the IV core team.

    I know IV core team is aware of (or working with) most of the supporters, but still each new addition counts to our success.

    for e.g., I read an article few days ago "1986 bill authors make a final push" in IV news article thread ( which talks about the opinion of "1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act - IRCA, or the Simpson-Mazzoli bill" authors Romano L. Mazzoli (was a Democratic representative from Kentucky) and Alan K. Simpson (was a Republican senator from Wyoming.)

    after reading this, today I thought, might be an idea to contact these former senators, who can voice our genuine legal immigration concerns. Definitely they will have friends in capitol hill on both parties who will listen to them and also people are talking more often about them now than ever. this will help us in great deal. IV core team: please contact these former senators and pitch for the immigration reforms.

    so please come up with the list of people or organisation, etc....whom you can think will help our cause in this thread.

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  • EAD
    01-28 07:29 PM
    Hi Guys,

    How important is NAICS code. Can someone has same SOC code but diffrent NAICS code can interchange . I read only SOC codes, discription and wages matter.Is it true.



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  • sammyb
    03-22 09:26 AM

    Along with personal belongings you can left the phone in the security area of the consulate ...

    My mom was there recently and she had no issue ...


    My parents are going for visa interview in kolkata. I heard they dont allow mobile phone inside the consulate. Is there any storage spot to leave them ?


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  • jonnotman
    02-10 11:50 AM
    Dear Fellow Posters

    After 12 months of toil I have finally completed the narrative and evidence that I need for an EB-1a (Extraordinary Alien) application. I ab about to complete the I-140 paperwork to go with it.

    My questions is this - I have contacted a small number of Immigration attorneys who have quoted me approx $6000 for the whole process. How many of you value think that USCIS would look at my application more favourably if I used a reputed attorney rathen than putting in my own application and paperwork ?

    Thanks in anticpation of your replies



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  • nixstor
    03-27 03:13 PM
    You would send the needed paperwork and she will appear for her visa. You wouldnt need to be along with her unless you are already out of US and has a expired visa.

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    07-23 10:41 AM
    My H1-B was approved in octubre 2008, I would like to go to my home country but i don't have a visa to be able to come back.
    Now my question is:
    Having an approved H1-b is a warranty for me to get a visa to come back to the US.
    Also carry your educational docuements. They asked me last time when I went to stamping for my H1B Extension, in Feb 09. People over their in the Embassies looking in all means to stop giving the VISAs. So be prepared with all the documents.


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  • nid
    03-17 04:28 PM

    I would appreciate if you could help on this.

    I last entered in US using AP and currently working on EAD . My H1 is going to expire in April 2010. I am thinking of renewing it to provide a backup in case anything happens to my 485. I have to go to India in July 2010 and I would like to come back using AP. Pleass let me know which of the following option is best for me.

    1. Renew my H1 now and go to India n July and come back using AP.I understand that in this case, if I have to use H1, I would have to go to India and get it stamped.

    2. Come back from India in July and renew my H1 after I come back. Is this possible to renew the H1 after it expires and do they give you a I94 in this case?

    Please let me know what you think. I need to decide ASAP.


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  • sbay2006
    07-12 05:38 AM
    Hi All,

    I used the AR-11 form for the change of my address. I did it online. Also, while changing there is an option to change the address for any pending petition. In my case it is the I-485, which I changed.
    My question is, how to verify if the address has actually changed in the system at USCIS. I checked my case status online and did not see any LUD's.

    Please let me know if anyone of you have done the change of address and share your experience.

    Call the 1-800 number and navigate to an rep via the POJ method.. You can verify you address with them.


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-05 09:00 AM
    Now this is hardball.

    More... (

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  • little_willy
    03-06 04:39 PM
    To quote from the article

    "Hira said that grass-roots groups seeking reforms don't have the money or celebrity support that can turn attention to their concerns. But what they lack in money can be offset to some extent in numbers and effort, he said."

    Exactly the same concern IV is facing today. We need more members and more money. In essence, please do your bit to support IV.

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  • pappu
    05-13 01:54 PM
    sorry, this message is in the wrong forum, lot of people come here to find a solution for retrogression problem, if you have questions related to your personal cases, please post it in the right forum.

    immigration forum on is the best place to post personal immigration questions. Murthy chat on is another resource. Lets have this forum specifically for IV related issues that affects us all.

    07-21 09:22 PM
    i checked on the website, couldnt find it there. i will try calling the number when i get home. i asked in case anyone had the a similar question.


    Hi Ashish,

    Just one search for Nebraska on USCIS website resulted the answer you were looking for.

    Follow the link. Read the complete page to find out the correct address for sending your particular application type because each application has its own PO box number. D&vgnextchannel=52a46c854523d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1 RCRD


    Michael chertoff
    02-10 08:26 PM
    Does anyone know the Job Portals (besides dice, monster, careerbuilder etc) / News Papers where I can find jobs in NY/NJ locations?

    Appreciate the support!

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