Monday, May 30, 2011

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  • Calidude
    Apr 16, 05:00 PM
    Is your dictionary still in print, and how would I order one?
    Yes, I do believe Merriam Webster is still up and running...

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  • MacRumors
    Sep 12, 07:17 AM (

    Apple's iTunes Music Store has gone down and has been replaced with a black screen with the simple words:

    It's Showtime

    The iTunes Store is being updated

    Apple is widely expected to deliver an iTunes Movie service today at their media event.

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  • DTphonehome
    Oct 19, 04:00 PM
    Original Investment - $94,070.00 for 11,500 shares

    11,500 x 2 after the split last summer = 23,000 shares

    23,000 x 78.71 at todays rate = $1,810,330.00

    $1,810,330 - $94,070.00 = $1,716,260.00 stock worth.

    I have not sold one share. Now who is laughing. Thank you iPod.

    Damn, man, I'd hate to see your tax bill when you finally sell!

    Anyway, share-dropping is not very gentlemanly, so I'll keep my figures to myself...but at this point I too have to hold back from selling simply to avoid the huge tax hit. Would be nice if Apple issued dividends though, especially now that they're flush. Make some cash without divesting of the principal.

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  • Rocketman
    Oct 10, 05:55 PM
    Nope... we're thinking this will be a totally different iPod product, separate from the normal iPod or the nano or the shuffle.

    On the wireless topic, isn't there a faster or larger range or higher bandwidth Bluetooth now?

    If they would only make it about 3/16" thicker, the hard drive could have double the platters.



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  • AbyssImpact
    May 5, 05:59 PM
    Anyone know what the app is for the Doctor and Ceo?

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  • wtfk
    Oct 2, 08:30 PM
    Jobs apparently warned that while Apple was not a litigious company, other tech firms might not take kindly to whatever DVD Jon might be up to.
    LMFAO. In case there is any doubt--Apple is a litigious company.


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  • Glideslope
    Apr 25, 01:12 PM
    For the win...

    ok, thought it was

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  • Thomas Veil
    Mar 4, 12:05 PM
    Keep talking Veil, 2010 was just the 'coming attractions.'Outdated graphs aside, you really think so? With the tri-cornered hat brigade being vastly outnumbered at rallies? With public opinion siding with the unions? With people watching good workers threatened with jail, and thinking to themselves, "If it can happen to them, it can happen to us?"

    And the fact that she married 5P. ;)You have to wonder, if she was in a union and they declared a strike, who would he side with? A thread that runs through his posts seems to be that people and practicality take a back seat to strict adherence to rigid dogma. Would he let his wife get dragged off to jail, just so he could remain righteous in his beliefs?


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  • fivepoint
    May 4, 03:34 PM
    Because being a homosexual is just like owning a gun. They're both choices. :rolleyes:

    Being a choice has nothing to do with it. Having African American genes in your bloodline isn't a 'choice' but it does make you at higher risk for certain diseases. Maybe the NAACP wants to sue and prevent doctors from asking if people have black heritage?

    How about we just let the doctors do their freaking job and let the customers choose doctors that they feel do the job right? What a crazy notion. Let the free market figure it all out instead of the sickening bureaucratic mess displayed in the quoted article and many others we could dig up if we tried. We should just realize that government isn't the solution, it's the problem.

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  • TennisandMusic
    Apr 17, 11:37 PM
    uh ok... "built in pdf reader... windows marketplace - providing users easy access to Windows applications." - never seen that in an operating system before...

    You mean like how Finder is finally adding cut and paste? Give me a break, there is plenty that Windows does that OSX does not do, like decent graphics support for one. It cuts both ways.


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  • *LTD*
    Apr 24, 03:14 PM
    then why does Apple keep terminal which is nothing more than Apple version of command prompt.

    I was referring to the poster's comment about a hypothetical MS transition to Unix, which won't happen any time soon for a lot of reasons.

    The command line is quite useful, actually. There are some very handy Terminal commands out there.

    Here's a fun one, which might already be familiar:

    Type this into the Terminal window and hit return:


    It's been a while, I'm not sure if they actually finished it.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Mar 24, 07:11 PM
    Even though OS X got better with each version, I immediately noticed better performance with my Pismo G3 400MHz machine when I installed the original OS X. I remember thinking it was great how fast the system booted up. I never looked back except to run a few apps in classic the first few years.

    I've always found it strange that the version numbers are so redundant. OS X 10.5.5 for example. I just use the roman numeral and drop the second 10. I would write OS X.5.5 for example.


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  • Macky-Mac
    May 5, 04:15 PM
    ..... the point is we don't need the damn government getting involved and telling doctors what they can and can't ask. Or for that matter telling doctors who they must and who they musn't provide care for. It's a private transaction between the customer and the physician, so leave it at that....

    in reality though, the government is deeply involved in licensing and regulating the practice of medicine. It does so to protect the public from harm by quacks, malpractice, fraud and criminal behavior.

    And when it comes to hot button issues, abortion as an example, state governments do indeed tell doctors they have to say and do certain things.

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  • quagmire
    Nov 14, 10:37 PM
    Actually a crappy story is held against many movies, tv shows, books, and etc. That's why we call them crappy and they fail. Case in recent point, the drubbing that Skyline is getting, besides it's spectacular trailer. It looks good, but it came in fourth in movies this week, and word of mouth may make that as high as it goes. The complaint? Weak stories, characters, and a truly stupid & frustrating ending.

    Like I said, most movies, tv show, etc has some sort of ridiculous illogical event going on to move the storyline along. Just as long as it isn't so ridiculous, they can get away with it. I don't think MW2 storyline had anything that was that ridiculous to make it bad.

    I pity anyone trying to figure MW2's story that hasn't played the original MW. I admit I was surprised to find out that MW2's story had something to do with the first one. Not because it was a clever plot twist, but because it was pulled out of thin air. There was no fore shadowing allowing the player a chance to figure things out, as usual stories do, it was just BAM!

    Why were you surprised? Black Ops was just a continuation of WaW with a focus on the Cold War this time. Why is it ridiculous to think MW2 would be tied to MW's storyline?

    The first MW was more stream lined with only two storylines, eventually dovetailing into one. Things were easier to follow, and the moments far more memorable. That race thru the tilted ship, the crawling thru the grass by the Russian army, holding them off later by yourself, and that final car chase were truly memorable moments. MW2 and now Black Ops are just one forgettable blur, that I only recall the trudging thru, not the fascination of what I saw.

    MW2 will be remembered for me at least because of the vivid battle scenes in DC since I am from the DC area and constantly passed by the buildings you see in the game. Then you have No Russian because of the shock of what that mission "made" you do( A) They gave you the option to skip it B) You didn't have to shoot to pass the mission).


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  • LightSpeed1
    Apr 13, 12:30 PM
    Why not get a mini displayport straight to DVI cable? I never understood the use of an adapter. Maybe someone can shed some light?To be completely honest, I didn't look into such a cable. I knew about the adapter and assumed that was the only option.

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  • Matt-M
    Apr 15, 02:26 PM
    LOL at the perspective on the text in the 3rd photo.

    Actually, shooting up close with a wide-angle lens will give you exactly that distortion. Here is a photo I just took of a REAL iPhone with a 17mm lens. Sorry about the fuzziness - handheld and did not use a flash:

    So I don't think text in the 3rd photo is skewed. That being said, I agree it's a fake.


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  • mags631
    Sep 28, 12:14 PM
    Oh i'm sure there will be LOTS of technology in the house.

    I bet he'll be able to control everything via an app on his iPhone.

    The house itself doesn't need to be HUGE. He can still apply a lot of technology into the house making it worth millions!

    I don't think so -- yes it will have updated technologies, probably for energy efficiency. Jobs is not Bill Gates. He went for simple and clean and sometimes technology can muddle that goal.

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  • v66jack
    Apr 5, 03:17 PM
    they should allow users to like or dislike iAds to help cater the iAds that are sent to the user :cool:

    Now this is a killer idea. Allowing users to activly decide what types of ads they see.

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  • takao
    Jan 12, 07:45 PM
    that they were able to put all that together and package it in a consumer friendly way

    let's wait until it is released

    personally i found the clicking around in the adress book just for dialing _not_ userfriendly

    and the whole internet communicator functionality presented was what ? writing email ?

    what exactly is the market for it ? the businessman ? those very likely have already laptops and sophisticated mobile phones/palms etc. and second the features are hardly aiming at them either
    will they be able to use the mobile phone as a modem for their laptop ?

    who else ? the person who tricks out mobile phones with all kinda gimmick programs etc ? hose rather choose phones with java etc.

    i don't know i still who they plan to sell it ... sure there are mac enthusiasts (i would take it too when given as a present) but 10 million within a year without any real range of products ...

    not like the apple tv thing would be any better... nice in concept but when your only way of putting content on it is downloading it for high prices on the internet then you essentially end up with a small streaming box for music + photos

    or did i miss the step where you could record tv shows and put movies on it from your dvds ?

    edit: that aside i'm interesting to trying it out in person... partly because i actually field tested/helped to develop/debug software for a unit,( which i hope i never see again BTW), which had a touchscreen, a built in mobile phone with GPRS (god i hated it), WLAN and camera/barcode scanner
    having done this for 2 months i can feel the pains the developers went through during their 2 1/2 years at apple

    Mar 4, 08:47 AM
    Most importantly, without thuggish unions, good teachers like my wife would make far more money than they do today, while the bad ones would make less or be fired.

    So why is your wife part of the Union? Why doesn't she listen to your wise ideas and go make more money in a private school? If she's really a good teacher then she should be able to according to your logic.

    Full of Win
    Mar 28, 02:18 PM
    BS. Pure, BS.

    When did good design become contigent on devs accepting a lop-sided TOS?

    Oct 11, 12:11 AM
    At this point, ill believe it when it happens

    Well personally, I'll fervently believe in it, until it happens, at which point I will stop believing in it at all.

    Jan 15, 03:02 PM
    1. Time Capsule - seems kind of cool. Would have to look into it a bit more, but the price doesn't seem too bad considering that it's an N-router and a hard drive. I would hope that Apple would also make the wireless drive work on older AEBS like they promised, but maybe that's crazy talk.

    2. iPhone/iPod Touch - Yay for the SDK, although I am a little perplexed about the locator thing. My Helio Ocean has had a google maps feature with a locator function since it came out in like April, and it's very exact in telling you where you are - none of this multi-block radius crap.

    The other thing is the paid update, combined with the updates being included on new, less expensive Touches. LAME. LAME. LAME. Apple should get reamed by customers on this.

    3. iTunes rentals/Apple TV2 - I think the rentals are ok - pretty much the same as pay-per-view, except should be a better selection. I like the option for HD. I do wish that the time frame was 48 hours, and I also wish that the movies came out on the dvd release date and not a month later.

    As for Apple TV2, I think it was a step closer toward making it useful. It really should just have a full browser and a dvd/blu-ray drive. The lower price is helpful, but keeping the 40 gig hard drive is kind of an insult.

    4. MacBook Air - What can I say? A comparatively weak processor, no graphics card, no user replaceable battery, soldered-in RAM, 80 gig iPod hard drive or $1,000 dollar SSD, mono speaker and $1800?!?! I'm not a fan of the fat bezel around the screen either. I do like the multi-touch, and I think the optical drive sharing with other computers is pretty neat.

    Overall, I have to say I'm disappointed. I am looking to buy two macbook pros but wanted to wait for updates. I briefly considered just going ahead and getting them now anyway, but decided not to. I am confused as to why Apple would come up with new tech and NOT put it in their pro line, but they'll have to sooner or later and I'll wait until they do.

    I don't think the disappointment is limited to whiners on these forums. Look at AAPL today - down over 6% since this morning.

    Apr 6, 11:31 PM
    I just ordered this cable for my 2011 Soul so that I can access my iPhone's iPod through the steering wheel controls/stereo (iPod menu displays on the stereo). It also charges the iPhone/iPod. The dealer charges $60........ $29.99 on Amazon.:rolleyes:

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